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Quality Control
Why so many customers are looking new supplier everyday? 
We think they are looking for a reliable and quality supplier to replace the bad ones. Meco has a lot of old clients. 
So how does Meco control quality?
Start with fabric selection
We have many kinds of products, and a variety of fabric, which determine that we must learn to distinguish the fabric, thus choosing high-quality partners from many fabric suppliers is particularly important. 
As we all know, the fabric is made in batches, and the quality and weight of the fabric vary form each patch. We are committed to selecting the best quality fabric for each order by checking whether it meets the customer's requirements, and then we make samples for the customer's confirmation before we use it for mass production. Years of experience earn us a lot of stable partners.
When product quality problems occur on site, our staff familiar with the operating standards are there to solve them with the help of easy-to-operate guidance documents. All customer requirements are sorted out into production sheets. Our factory director, material preparation personnel, printing master, and workshop manager are familiar with the details of each product and have many years of experience. We get together every week for regular meetings to sort out orders and arrange production.
In-plant QC inspection: The workshop director is responsible for the quality of the products, from production to packaging. He checks the product once a day.
Before delivery, the company QC team cross-checks the goods. Documents needed: copy of the original item list + packaging details and design + inspection report + historical problem details. Only when goods inspection report is submitted, can the goods be shipped. If customer has special requirements such as third-party inspection, we will actively cooperate. 

We are committed to offering you the best service and high quality goods!
Set up in 2007, as one of the main manufacturers specialized in making shopping bags with the eco friendly material, Zhejiang Meige Bags Co., Ltd. is located in Cangnan, Zhejiang Province, which is known as "the city of bag industry" in China. 
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