Why Use Grow Bags for Gardening?

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Grow bags are bags used to hold soil for growing plants, similar to clay or plastic plant pots. Common grow bags can be made of plastic or fabric, and often have handles to make it easier to move. Custom grow bags range in size from 1 gallon all the way up to 200 gallons. Small grow bags are useful for plants with shallow roots, such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggplant. Large grow bags can be used for growing young trees.


So, why should you use durable grow bags?  Plants in planting bags have healthier roots than plants in pots. Grow bags also breathe better and drain faster than pots. Grow bags are easier to move, hang, and store than pots. Best of all, you can make your own custom planting bags in any size you want. This article mainly introduces why use grow bags for gardening.



Superior Drainage

The growth bag is made of breathable fabric, which provides excellent drainage and inflation. Aeration makes them more popular than most other garden containers. When the container is not inflated, the roots grow out until they reach the container wall. Once this happens, the root system signals that the plant should bear more roots, thus forming a root system. In the end, the plant was filled with a large number of roots and filled the container.


 84-1-fabric grow bags

Healthier Plant Roots

The cloth planting bag does not have root boundaries. Instead, when the roots reach the wall, the growing bag will be burned, which will cause the plant to produce new healthy roots, which will be spent from the original roots. This is called "pruning". In flower pots, the roots of plants tend to be entwined in a circle. This increases the possibility of oxygenation or water stagnation problems, especially in large pots that lack proper drainage.


Fabric growth bags help alleviate this problem because when the roots touch the edge of the fabric pot, they feel the dry soil exposed to the air. At this point, they know that they have reached their growth limit. The roots are "pruned", which is essential for growing healthy plants in containers. This prevents overgrowth of the root system and eliminates girdling of the root system (root system that destroys the structure of the plant).



Temperature Control

In the summer heat and direct sunlight, the plastic pot may become very hot. Because they are not breathable, they absorb all the heat of cooking plants. The air permeability of the fabric bag can adjust the temperature. The excess heat will radiate from all sides of the growth bag.




When not in use, where do you store the flower pots? Did they turn into hollow eyes on the back porch or piled in sheds, hoping that they would not be crushed or broken during the offseason? Traditional flower pots need to be stacked in the off-season to be stored. However, the growing bag can be folded up and stored with minimal space every season.




Growing bags are lightweight and usually have built-in handles to make them easy to move to other locations. They are popular because they can be easily taken from the inside to the outside and take up very little space when stored.


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