Why Do We Need Eco-Friendly Products?

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We should take care of the environment because we only have one Earth and if we don’t take care of it, it will perish. However, many people set hopes on our representatives or corporations to fix the environment or do something about the pollution poisoning our air, water, land, and bodies. Nowadays, many countries lack a genuine green education and the courage to make a real change.


It is a good choice to vote with our money when it comes to environmental protection by way of investing our hard-earned cash into eco-friendly products that can have a huge long-term impact. For example, if you are going to a grocery shopping, which kind of shopping bags will you choose, plastic shopping bags, paper bags, or reusable grocery bags? Undoubtedly, we will choose the reusable produce bag or recyclable shopping bag for the sake of environmental protection. Moreover, you can also educate your loved ones on the importance of spending their money wiser, being environmentally mindful, and using eco-friendly products. Reasons why we need eco-friendly products are as follows.



Reduce Pollution

In the period when people lacked the consciousness of environmental protection, a large number of plastic products were put into use. Luxury shopping bags is one of the typical examples. About 14 billion pounds of waste end up in our oceans every year, with most of it being plastics.


A plastic bag needs 100 years to biodegrade and less than 1% of the plastic bags we take home from stores are recycled; the rest pile up in landfills or end up in the ocean. It is harmful to the environment to produce a plastic bag and it is harmful to the environment to discard and not recycle a plastic bag. Some plastic bags can linger in the environment for hundreds of years. The same is true of plastic bottles.


If more people started buying eco-friendly products, pollution would not be so serious, our plant would have a timeout to breathe and regenerate, and our families and communities would be healthier in the long term.


 7-2-reusable cotton mesh produce bags,

Beneficial for the Human Health

Eco-friendly products are not only great for the environment, they are also beneficial for the human health. An eco-friendly product is a product that is less harmful for the environment than their regular counterparts. Man has a great influence on the environment, such as the amount of CO2 emissions released in the atmosphere as a result of our lifestyle choices and activities. Using eco-friendly products, such as reusable tote shopping bag, reusable cotton bags, reusable cotton mesh produce bags, organic reusable produce bags, etc., have good impact on our lifestyle and activities and can efficiently reduce our environmental footprint.



So, in our daily life, we should try to find the eco-friendly products. We can choose clothes made of recycled fabrics. Several fashion brands have been trying to turn their business practices into more sustainable ones. And using a reusable bag is also a good solution. Whenever you go to the grocery store or your local mall, take a reusable shopping bag with you. The earth will thank you for it. Plastic bag pollution is one of mankind’s ever ballooning problems. MECO is a company which runs a clothing recycling program and encourages its customers to purchase environmentally friendly products, such as reusable cotton vegetable bags. Up to now, MECO Bag has formed a standardized OEM process to provide customers with first-class and professional service and products. Innovative and superior quality products at competitive prices and timely delivery. We offer excellent after sales service.

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