What are The Types of Drawstring Bags?

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Drawstring bag, also known as tight bag, lock bag and bundle bag, is a kind of packaging bag which uses various kinds of ropes to tie the bag mouth tightly to prevent leakage of the contents. It is widely used in the packaging of gifts and small products. The string bag is made of soft materials such as non-woven fabric, cotton cloth and nylon cloth. Some are made of linen. Next, let's take a look at the common types of drawstring bags.


Nonwoven drawstring bag

Nonwoven drawstring bag is relatively cheap, which has a simple production process and good advertising effect. However, due to the inherent characteristics of nonwoven fabrics, it can not be used for a long time. Under natural conditions, the use time of non-woven fabrics is three to five years. The price of non-woven drawstring backpack is mainly determined by its specifications, weight of cloth, printing requirements, requirements for rope, etc. It is commonly used in gift packaging, shoe inner packaging, brand promotion, advertising and other aspects. 



Flannel drawstring bag

The flannel black drawstring bag has the characteristics of easy washing, good air permeability, long service time and good advertising effect. However, due to the relatively high cost of flannel, the drawstring bag made of this material is higher than that of other materials. The price of flannel drawstring purse is determined by fabric thickness, printing requirements, specifications, etc. Flannel drawstring bag is suitable for the packaging of bracelet, necklace, ring, jewelry, jade, cosmetics, perfume, aromatherapy and other gifts.



85-2-insulated lunch bags

PVC drawstring bag

PVC drawstring bag has the advantages of high transparency, medium price, environmental protection and good advertising effect. Meanwhile, PVC personalized string bag has the characteristics of anti-friction, low transparency of sassafras flower and so on. The price of PVC drawstring bag is affected by production requirements, bag specifications, styles, printing and other factors, which are generally used for the outer packaging of high-end gifts.



Canvas drawstring bag

Canvas drawstring bag has the characteristics of long storage time and repeated use. However, the price of canvas drawstring bag is more expensive than the above three materials, so the production cost is higher. The price of linen drawstring bag is also affected by specification, cloth thickness and printing. It is generally used for product packaging, brand advertising and so on.



Polyester drawstring bag

Polyester is not only light, strong and durable, but also not easy to deform. The drawstring bag made of polyester material has low price and good resilience. Polyester drawstring bag is usually combined with screen printing process, which has thick ink layer, strong three-dimensional feeling and is not easy to fade.



Cotton drawstring bag

Cotton cloth is the most common cloth in our daily life. It has a wide range of uses in people's clothing, bedding, indoor supplies, interior decoration and so on. In addition, it is also widely used in packaging, industry, medical treatment, military and other aspects. The drawstring bag made of cotton cloth is soft and has good hygroscopicity and air permeability. At the same time, it can play a good role in dustproof.

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