What Size Grow Bag Do I Use?

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By placing a series of bags side by side in a rectangular shape, planting bags can be used to create the illusion of a raised flower bed. However, unlike traditional elevated garden beds, the cloth grow bag does not require any structure and can be deformed and reshaped as needed. Make a last-minute change to the layout, that's no problem, just move the bag that grows out to the desired shape. You can start plants indoors or outdoors, re-position them to change the light conditions, and place them wherever you want. The growing bag occupies less space when not in use, and it can be stored inside just by folding it up and storing it when needed.



Benefits of Gardening with Fabric Pots

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to fodable grow bags and fabric pots. The fabric bag is made of breathable material, which can trim the air we just mentioned. When the roots reach the sides of the fabric pot, they are exposed to oxygen, which ultimately kills the roots. This allows your plant to grow another root directly from the source.


With each root growing, the plant will be strengthened and will grow faster above the soil surface. By developing this root structure as early as possible, the plant's chances of maintaining its natural root structure when replanted can be increased.


Compared with traditional plastic pots, breathable growing bags are much better at controlling the temperature and moisture of the growing medium. In cold weather, the fabric can keep your plants warm, and in the hot sun, your plants can keep cool, so they won't overheat. Although fabric grow bags may need to be watered more frequently, this is because the porous material does not hold as much water as the old plastic flowerpot material. If a thin cloth bag is used, root rot may occur.


 75-2-non woven grow bags

What Size Grow Bag Do I Use?

The 3-gallon fabric grow bag is very effective for single plants like pepper, or several plants like lettuce or peas.


The 5-gallon planting bag is suitable for almost everything, tomatoes, peppers, flowers, herbs, potatoes, small fruit trees, and stevia can grow brilliantly in the planting bag.


The 10-gallon planting bag is very large and can hold the entire garden in one container. You can easily grow basil around potatoes or tomatoes. Spinach and salad vegetables are other big hits.


Another advantage is that as long as the plastic bags are stored correctly in the off-season, the plastic bags will be more durable than any plastic container. Let us not forget to mention that cloth bags are also better for the environment!


If you want to have an idea of a larger planting area similar to a raised bed, you can also try a 100-gallon planting bag. This gives you a lot of space to grow all the plants in one planting bag.



Up to three plants can be planted in a planting bag. Just make sure that the bags to be planted are properly prepared, and then plant the appropriate plants for the specific cloth pots. You should only buy high-quality grow bags from reputable suppliers such as Meigebags to ensure the durability of the bags and the success of the garden.

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