What Are Grow Bags?

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You may already have flower pots around your house, so why spend more money to grow bags? Are there really any benefits to using them? In fact, there are many good reasons to use planting bags instead of flower pots. This article mainly introduces advantages of non woven grow bags.



Healthier Roots

In flower pots, the roots of plants tend to entangle each other. This increases the possibility of air or water stagnation problems, especially if the pot does not have proper drainage or a larger pot. When the roots reach the edge of the plastic pot, they will continue to grow in search of more water and nutrients. This causes them to begin to surround the potted plants, which is what gardeners refer to as being surrounded by roots or potted plants. The process of structural damage has now begun. The roots become narrow, resulting in reduced water and nutrient absorption. The stems of the plant will also be compressed, causing tissue damage, which further limits the absorption of important nutrients. As time passed, the growth of plants was gradually hindered. To avoid disappointment, do not buy potted plants.


Custom grow bags are made of various types of flexible materials that can help prevent this problem. Root damage occurs when the root system touches the edge of the pot and feels the dry soil exposed to the air. At this point, they knew that they had reached their growth limit. This pruning occurs naturally when the roots are exposed to the air without high humidity. In fact, the roots are burned, causing the plant to continuously produce new and healthier branch roots. If the roots are not exposed to the air, they will continue to grow around the container in a shrinking manner. Pruning the air is a very necessary process for growing healthy plants in the container. This prevents overgrowth of roots and eliminates girdling roots that can damage the plant structure. You will notice more fibrous roots that are trimmed. Root systems with more fiber have many small root tips, allowing plants to absorb more nutrients and water. Plants in plastic pots will only encourage a few large roots to dominate and surround the pot, which subsequently limits nutrient absorption.


 75-1-planting bags

Moisture Control

Since the wholesale grow bag is porous, it needs to be watered more frequently. However, it is more difficult to add water to them, because the excess water will be wicked out of the non woven bag. Watering plants in traditional pots can drown the plants and also promote the growth of mold or fungi in the container. This will cause the leaves and fruits to look unsightly and deformed. This may also cause the plant to eventually die.



Temperature Control

In the hot summer, plastic pots located in direct sunlight may become very hot. Since they are not made of breathable materials, they trap all the heat inside and then heat the roots of the plants. Due to its breathable quality, the growing bag can regulate the internal temperature. Excess heat can be dissipated from all sides of the large grow bag.


Easy Storage

The flowerpot must be stored somewhere when not in use. But where do you put them? Do they turn into ugly piles on your porch or deck, or are they stuck in the corner of your yard or clutter the garage? Eventually, most flowerpots will eventually be stacked on top of each other for reuse, and are easily damaged or crushed in winter. Traditional flower pots need to be stacked before they can be stored. The foldable growing bag can be easily folded into a flat form and stored in the smallest space.



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