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Our factory was built in 2007 in Qianku Town, Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, China, an area famous for handicrafts and packaging manufacturing. Our factory is specialized in a variety of shopping bags, including cotton bags, canvas bags, non-woven bags, woven bags, polyester bags, drawstring bags, mesh bags, cooler bags,snack bag,baby bibs and beach mats. The products are mainly customized, according to the customer's style, degree of difficulty to complete the production of bags. Our factory has 50 employees and the capacity has reached 5000 pieces per day. We have ISO 9001 and BSCI certificate.


Quality Control

● For 13 years, Meco always holds the belief that quality is the core of brand. We believe the trust of customers originate in products’quality. Therefore, every piece of bags have quality departments to make a check and assure products’quality.


● Quality can only be achieved through the pursuit of excellence, advanced technics and best team. Meco strictly selects our raw materials suppliers to make sure our bags made from fabric with best quality and dye with the right Pantone color code. We strictly test the fabric to make sure that thickness exactly matches our client’s requirement.


● We also strictly inspect the production and packaging. We don’t allow any printing defect or any sewing defect. We take photos of every stage of production, which will be sent to our clients. We won’t deliver the goods without the confirmation from our clients.


● Our core team members frequently will get training from Alibaba, who owns the the world's largest online business-to-business trading platform.


Before delivery, the company QC team cross-checks the goods, documents are required: copy of the original item list + packaging details and design + inspection report + historical problem reminder. Only the goods inspection report is submitted, and the goods can be shipped. If the customer has special requirements such as third-party inspection, We will actively cooperate.


Cooperation customers

Case 1: Supermarket

In May 2019, we received an inquiry from the customer, from which we learned that their Group has opened a number of supermarkets in the Middle East and North Africa. In July, Christine, a colleague from the Hong Kong office, visited the factory, and we received her. We showed her around our factory, introduced our production process with her, exhibit the production process of this product, and made two samples for her to bring back to Hong Kong on the same day.


We had a good communication with her. We learned that she was a registered permanent residence in Shanghai, and the manager of our business department was also a registered permanent residence in Shanghai. They made a brief communication in Shanghai dialect, which brought us together. The customer placed an order about three months after visiting our factory (due to the Group's need to go through the process), and within a short period of half a year, the customer placed an order for 4 cabinets, and the we have always had good cooperation.


Case 2: E-commerce

In June 2019, an Italian customer contacted us, saying that he needed to customize some bibs to sell on Amazon. The customer needs 10 styles, but the quantity of each style is relatively small, which does not reach our minimum order quantity. We are very willing to help the customer because he has real needs, and we feel that the customer is quite reliable from the conversation. Since it is to be sent to Amazon warehouse, there are special requirements on package size, freight and time limit. We try to relieve the customer's worry and make him feel at ease, so that he can have a good shopping experience. During this period, the client made the wrong payment. We helped the customer to solve this problem and waited patiently for the bank's notice. What’s worse, in the course of carriage, the gale and bad weather led to goods customs clearance delays, and affected the sale time, so we made an agreement with shipping company that they would make corresponding compensation for loss. Customer experience has always been our priority. After receiving the goods, customers express their gratitude to us and are willing to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with us.


Case 3: B2C

In 2018 we received an inquiry from an Australian customer for vest bags. They only need a small quantity of goods of various style, which does not reach our minimum order quantity. But we are very willing to help retailers. We also told them our difficulties, namely, the production and transportation cost of such order are relatively expensive. The customer understands our difficulties, so he agreed that he can take in charge of the shipping. He told us that he was rejected by many suppliers and really appreciated our help. We have been in cooperation for three years. Due to the high quality of our products and the unremitting efforts of our customers, the number of our order is increasing

Set up in 2007, as one of the main manufacturers specialized in making shopping bags with the eco friendly material, Zhejiang Meige Bags Co., Ltd. is located in Cangnan, Zhejiang Province, which is known as "the city of bag industry" in China. 
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