Three factors to consider when choosing reusable shopping bags

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The general office of the State Council of China issued the notice on restricting the production, sale and use of large plastic shopping bags to the people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, ministries and commissions under the State Council. In view of the fact that shopping bags for boutique have become the main source of "white pollution", people's governments and ministries and commissions should prohibit the production, sale and use of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags in the future. The system of paid use of plastic shopping bags with logo will be implemented.


In developed countries in Europe and the United States, most supermarkets do not provide free pvc shopping bags for consumers for a long time. Many people who travel abroad have this experience. However, this does not exist in the form of a government regulation, but many supermarkets do it consciously. People usually bring their own polyester shopping bags when shopping. Some people even go shopping with pp woven shopping bags. Some supermarkets even charge you a few cents more for plastic bottled water. If you finish drinking, you can exchange the empty bottle for your bottle fee. Supermarkets use this method to ensure the recycling of waste. So, what are some ways to choose an eco-friendly shopping bag?


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Quality is the first factor that we should consider when choosing any item. For example, the quality of portable reusable produce bags is closely related to the quality of paper. If you use too thin paper to print the handbag, the ink will saturate the paper, resulting in color mixing and unclear ink marks. Offset paper is more smooth and absorbs ink evenly. Due to its small expansion range and waterproof feature, it is suitable for color printing. The paper surface of coated paper is evenly distributed with paint to show a beautiful white scene. Therefore, handbag printing generally selects high-quality paper, which will make consumers happy.


In addition, people who buy canvas shopping bags all know that if the bags pop open, it is a very distressing thing. So when choosing the eco-friendly bags, we must pay attention to the workmanship of the products, to prevent quality problems.



Price and brand service

As the saying goes, "price determines the quality of goods". If you want to pursue high quality fashion gift shopping paper bags, you should not take chances to buy low price products. Brand owners can not only obtain benefits by virtue of the advantages of the brand, but also expand the tension by using the brand's market development power. This kind of value can't be expressed in the form of material assets, but it can make the intangible assets of enterprises increase rapidly. As a result, good brands do not suffer from poor product quality.



Personalized customization

"Customization" has become a simple and fashionable way of life. Consumers' purchase of reusable tote shopping bags is not only the demand for product functions, but also an expression of self-emotion. It can be said that customization itself is the expression of the lifestyle of a particular consumer group.

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