Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Baby Bib for Your Child

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As a new parent, you may have discovered that eating with a baby is a hassle. The good news is that the baby bib is an amazing invention that prevents food from falling on your baby’s clothes during meals.


However, custom baby bibs come in many shapes and sizes, including different construction materials. How do you find the best baby bib for your child? We have created this comprehensive guide to help you buy the eco baby bib for your child.


Before buying, it is important to understand the different types of fabric baby bibs and how they can help you.



The Different Types of Baby Bibs

Baby bib sets come in various shapes and sizes, and each has unique functions to make your life easier. Meal time is good for both parties. Take a quick look at the types of bibs available today.


Drooling bibs–Drooling bibs are smaller than other feeding bibs because they are designed in such a way that your baby can roam freely in the house without worrying about being entangled in larger feeding bibs .


Feeding bib – As the name suggests, the breastfeeding bib is placed on the baby's neck during meals. Since feeding a baby can be troublesome, the bib is designed with a large size to protect the baby's as much clothes as possible and prevent food from falling.


Blouses – Blouses or long-sleeved baby bibs are great choices when feeding babies. Not only can it be simply hung around the baby's neck, but the long-sleeved bib can also be used as a protective cover. It is unbelievably long and can provide the best protection.


 100-1-baby bib

Things to Look For When Buying the Best Baby Bib

As you might have guessed in the previous section, bibs are different and can provide protection based on several situations. When buying a bib for your child, the following should be considered.


Easy Folding

Baby bibs should be easy to fold, because honestly, you and your baby will not stay at home all the time. The easy-to-fold bib allows you to take it with you. If your personal luggage or carry bag has limited space, you can also fold it up and put it in a diaper bag.


Perfect Fit

Ideally, the bib should fit the child's neck perfectly. There are actually some benefits to having a perfectly matched bib.

First, if the bib is perfectly installed on the neck, it is really difficult for the baby to remove it. Secondly, the bib will not accidentally fall off when feeding the baby (we have all been there!).



If the bib is uncomfortable for your child, the meal time will be more than just a mess. Your baby may move a lot to remove the bib, and food will fall everywhere. Therefore, please make sure that the bib is not too tight, will not irritate the baby's neck, and do not brush it on the baby's skin.


Easy to clean

Surprisingly, this is an often overlooked feature of baby bibs. Since the bib becomes very messy after a meal, you should ideally look for a bib that is easy to clean. Some bibs are made of certain materials, which makes it difficult for you to clean them properly.


The bib can be easily cleaned by using a washing machine or dishwasher to wipe off spills. If any special cleaning instructions are required, then it is best to avoid buying bibs.

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