The Difference Between Cotton Bags and Canvas Bags

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We all think that cotton shopping bags and canvas shopping bags are the same material, right? In fact, although their raw materials are made of pure cotton, they are easy to degrade in the natural environment and not pollute the environment, they are also different, that is, the thickness of canvas bags are generally greater than that of cotton bags printed logo.


Cotton shopping bag

The material of cotton packing bag is a kind of woven fabric with cotton yarn as the raw material. It is a product derived from different organization specifications and different post-processing methods. The concept of cotton is very wide. It can be said that any fabric made of cotton yarn can be called cotton cloth. However, in the scope of daily life, it is generally believed that printed cotton shopping bag is made of single strand, relatively fine cotton yarn, which has the characteristics of softness, moisture absorption, air permeability and warmth retention, while its disadvantages are easy to shrink and wrinkle. There are many kinds of cotton cloth, such as plain cloth, poplin, linen yarn, twill, tweed, velveteen, corduroy, etc. Cotton cloth is a kind of necessities in people's daily life, it is widely used in clothing, bedding, indoor supplies, interior decoration, packaging, industry, medical, military and other aspects.


34-1.jute bag


Canvas shopping bag

The material of canvas grocery bag is a kind of thick cotton fabric or hemp fabric. The yarn of most specifications of bulk canvas tote bag is thicker than ordinary cotton yarn. As early as the eighth century, Europeans used it to make sails and got the name "canvas". At present, in China, due to the lack of hemp raw materials, we generally think that cotton is the raw material. Therefore, canvas is also a kind of cotton under this large category. The fabrics and patterns of canvas bags are various, most of them are fine and smooth. And the printing image effect is very good. Different fabrics are also required for printing.


The custom printed canvas tote bag is a kind of fashionable and environment-friendly shopping bag. It is made of natural degradable fabric. This kind of bag has high requirements in both workmanship and material, but its durability and firmness are far higher than that of non-woven loop handle bag. It is still very good in terms of cost performance, but the cost is too high, which is not suitable for large-scale promotion and use.


The difference between canvas and cotton is that the warp and weft yarns of canvas are composed of two or more strands, while cotton cloth is mostly single strand, which leads to the appearance of canvas bag is rougher and printed cotton bag is denser. In addition, plain weave is usually used for canvas and twill weaving is rarely used, which also brings convenience to distinguish canvas from cotton.


On the one hand, canvas is multi ply weaving, so the texture of canvas is firm, wear-resistant, compact and thick. Canvas, on the other hand, is strong and waterproof. Therefore, canvas is widely used in bag, clothing, shoes, automobile transportation, luggage and other industries.

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