The Basic Introduction of Non-woven Bags

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Non-woven fabric is a new type of fiber product with soft, air permeability and plane structure, which is directly formed by using polymer chips, short fibers or filaments through various mesh forming methods and consolidation technologies. Compared with the traditional plastic bags, the advantages of non-woven bags are that they are cheap, environmentally friendly, practical, widely used, and have prominent advertising positions. This kind of bag is suitable for all kinds of business activities and exhibitions.


Raw material

The raw material of non-woven carry bag is polypropylene, while the raw material of plastic bag is polyethylene. Although the names of the two substances are similar, their chemical structures are quite different. The chemical molecular structure of polyethylene is very stable and difficult to degrade, so it takes 300 years for plastic bags to decompose. However, the chemical structure of polypropylene is not firm, and the molecular chain can be easily broken, so it can be effectively degraded. And it can enter the next environmental cycle in a non-toxic form. A non- woven polypropylene bag can be completely decomposed in 90 days.


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Advertising type

Non-woven fabric bags can use the limited area of the bag body to spread market information of enterprises or products and services to the world. When customers carry non-woven shopping bags printed with store advertisements and walk through the streets, they are actually some exquisite advertising bags, which is no less than making an excellent advertising signboard.


Knowledge type

It is to print all kinds of patterns and characters with certain knowledge on non-woven tote bags, such as world famous paintings and Chinese calligraphy. This kind of bag not only provides convenience for consumers when carrying goods, but also cultivates people's sentiment and makes people have a wonderful psychological feeling.


Gift type

China is a country of rites. People always bring gifts to visit relatives and friends to connect with each other and set off the atmosphere during festivals and holidays. When the guests put the gifts in the non-woven eco bags printed with the words "wish you a long life" and "wish you happiness", the host received not only the gift, but also a warm feeling in his heart.


Simple type

When customers need the pp non-woven shopping bag to store miscellaneous things, if the store can provide one, it will be welcomed by consumers. Giving people convenience is an important way to promote sales.


Fashion type

People generally pursue a high standard of life style, and fashionable goods lead the current consumption trend. When there is something "hot" in the society, it is undoubtedly an important way to promote sales if the shop owner prints the commodity patterns and publicity information on the non-woven gift bags. When consumers see the hot goods in a store for sale, there will be "irresistible temptation".


Antique type

Many well-known traditional commodities are loved by consumers because of their exquisite materials, old-fashioned production and long history. If the non-woven packaging bag is printed with simple and elegant patterns and words, giving people a noble and solemn feeling, it must arouse some consumers' interest in shopping.

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