Shared Shopping Bag – A Thing to Make Grocery Shopping More Convenient

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The use of plastic greatly facilitates people's life, but a large number of plastic products also cause serious white pollution. China produces about 40 million tons of plastic waste every year. Only more than 30% of the waste will be reused, while about 10% of the waste will be burned. The remaining 50% of the waste, weighing tens of millions of tons, accumulates in the environment year by year. The discarded plastic, which can not rot for 400 years, can only be accumulated in every corner of the earth. These small plastic particles can cause inflammation, cancer and fertility problems in organisms and animals, but few studies have evaluated their effects on human health.


According to the results of these years' practice, it is difficult to completely solve the problem of "white pollution" only by banning. Many banned cities require paper shopping bags or cotton shopping bags to replace the original plastic shopping bags with logos. But the substitutes can't compete with ordinary plastic shopping bags in price and quality. Therefore, it is very difficult to operate under the condition of economic regulation without considering the role of the market alone.


At present, there is a kind of shared clear shopping bag, which can be made of cloth or other chemical fiber materials. The standard of the retail shopping bag is unified across the country, and it can be made into several kinds of shopping bags with the obvious sign of "China shared shopping bag". Through the recycling of shared shopping bags, we can completely abandon the use of plastic shopping bags in many life scenarios, greatly reducing the demand of people for plastic products.


The recycling process of shared mesh shopping bag is as follows. When shopping in shopping malls, supermarkets and other places, people also pay a certain fee to buy shared shopping bags, which can replace the plastic shopping bags that people use now to play the holding function.

29-2.shared shopping bags

After taking home the shared folding shopping bags, you can accumulate them and take them to the recycling point after accumulating a certain amount. Recycling points can be set up beside large supermarkets, or in densely populated areas and near schools. The staff at the recycling point will return the cost to the consumer at the original price. The recycling company may be operated by the state or by a private enterprise authorized through bidding. The company cleans and disinfects the returned shared recyclable shopping bags and provides them to supermarkets and other places at the same price. 


If the recycling company is operated by the state, the cost includes management cost, shared shopping bag cleaning, disinfection and other costs. On the basis of cost, the state can test the appropriate profit rate for financial subsidies. Or they can find private enterprises in the form of bidding.


In the process of cleaning and disinfection of shared shopping bags, the state should arrange quality supervision representatives to strengthen the quality management of factory shared rose gold shopping bags, so as to prevent the shared shopping bags from being rejected by consumers due to unclean shared shopping bags.

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