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The nurse at the hospital told me that for the first six weeks, I should stay out of contact with the baby. Then we went to the pediatrician and he said, "No! Take your baby anywhere. It's best to let your baby go out and build their own immune system."


Our pediatricians believe that the best medicine is in our kitchen (they first provide overall options and then provide medical options/treatments when needed). So we did this, I remember our 2 week old baby was sleeping in a car seat in a restaurant in the yard (we used a breathable car seat cover to provide privacy, darkness and prevent germs from growing) .


For us, we took our children all over the world when we even took them – cruises, trips, wineries, wineries, it was so fun. We are all about experience, not things. Children will learn and grow as they take on new adventures.


In the process, we found some amazing products that make it easier to travel with infants and young children, so we want to share:



Full-Coverage Bib

MEIGEBAGS has a full coverage baby bib, which is very suitable for use on-the-go. Usually, the children with these baby bibs wear the best clothes, and they wear such bandana baby bibs when eating to avoid soiling their clothes.

-The top of the custom baby bib is waterproof, and then comes with a snap-on crumb catcher.

-It can be cleaned in a few seconds.

-The sublimation baby bib is rolled up and snapped into the food collector to form an easy-to-carry suitcase.

-For every eco baby bib sold, 3 meals are donated to hungry children, more than 15,000 meals have been donated so far!

-100% environmental protection!


 95-2-baby bibs

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light

It is very important to ensure that the baby has a safe place to sleep when traveling-even if it is only going to the grandmother's house during the day. The baby should sleep regularly. The baby Bjorn travel crib light is amazing! This is especially useful for travel. We brought everything we have-airplanes, trains, cruise ships, etc.


The breathable mesh design ensures safe sleep.

-No assembly required-the crib can be set up in one step. So simple-I don't even need instructions or my husband!

-Lightweight-only 13 pounds, so it is especially easy to carry at the airport.

-Equipped with a comfortable mattress and bag.



Kinderwagon Stroller

I like the Kinderwagon stroller-very light and great when traveling. Safety, fashion, quality, comfort and convenience are all in one! Kinderwagon is known for its double stroller suitable for two children. There are four designs:

HOP-Double tandem stroller is perfect for twins or older children.

JUMP-A unique stroller, the baby sits in the front, the back sits in the seat, older children can take it with them.

SKIP-Lightweight and durable umbrella cart, very suitable for travel.

METRO-Durable stroller, suitable for city streets, parks and even off-road.



While you may receive quite a lot of clothes from your baby shower, you want to take inventory of everything you received and just make sure you have your bases covered.


When bringing your baby out, it’s advised that you have:

2 to 3 onesies

2 to 3shirts

2 to 3 pairs of pants

2 to 3 one-piece pajamas

2 to 4 seasonal outfits (if you have your baby in the winter, get some newborn-appropriate coats or sweaters; if you have your baby in the summer, look for newborn summer hats and other protective wear)

3 pairs of socks

1 hats


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