Low Carbon Life -- Starting From Sustainable Shopping Bag

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The development of society has turned human beings from the era of industrial civilization to the era of ecological civilization. Vigorously advocating low-carbon economy and building ecological civilization has become the main theme of this period. As the largest developing country in the world, although China is still facing the dual tasks of industrialization and ecology, it has become an important part of China's sustainable development strategy to promote the development of low-carbon economy and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. 


In this era, the emergence of environmental friendly shopping bags has reduced a lot of pollution. Next, I will introduce three different kinds of sustainable shopping bags.



Cotton shopping bag

This fashionable shopping bag is usually made of durable fabric such as canvas. Its price is generally 10-20 yuan, while a few luxury shopping bags are more than 30 yuan. It can be folded into a handbag, which can be carried by hand or shoulder, so it is very convenient to use. Cotton shopping bags are fashionable in color, style and pattern, and some of them have developed some additional functions. For example, after folding, some are exquisite change wallets, some can be used as a cartoon mobile phone chain, and some can be used as portable trinkets. It is fashionable, decorative and practical, which is different from the traditional shopping bag. Fashion young people are the main group of shopping, so the reusable shopping bags undoubtedly have great attraction to them.


32-1.the difference between canvas bag and cotton bag


Nonwoven shopping bag

Nonwoven shopping bags are made of nonwovens, which are moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, tough and durable. It is suitable for any company and any industry to be used as advertising and gift, so it has more economic and advertising effect. And compared with the original plastic shopping bags, the degradable time of nonwoven shopping bags is much lower than that of plastic shopping bags. Therefore, the used nonwoven shopping bags will not cause great damage to the environment like plastic bags. In addition, the nonwoven bag has a long service life and can be reused for many times. From this point of view, the use of pp nonwoven shopping bags can not only greatly reduce the number of shopping bags, but also indirectly save valuable oil resources. It has been proved by experiments that if the nonwoven bag is reused for more than 10 times, the environmental pollution of the discarded nonwoven bag is only 10% of that of the plastic bag.



Paper shopping bag

With the increasing voice of environmental protection, the problem of white pollution control has attracted more and more attention. Many people in the field of packaging have repeatedly proposed to "replace plastic with paper" in order to solve the problem of white pollution. Some experts believe that although paper shopping bag is biodegradable and it can re-enter the natural cycle, in the process of production and recycling, the pollution of shopping paper box bag is several times more than that of large plastic shopping bag, which is contrary to the sustainable development strategy. So, it should not be advocated.

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