Jute Bags and Environmental Protection

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With the continuous development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the demands of human beings on the earth are also increasing. At the same time, the destruction of the ecological environment on the earth is also increasing. As human beings have caused serious damage to the ecological environment, it has caused a series of serious consequences, such as air pollution, global warming, rising sea level, excessive deforestation, desertification and natural disasters. The earth's environmental problems are becoming increasingly serious. These environmental problems are caused by human beings, but everyone is an indirect participant. Therefore, we should shoulder the responsibility of environmental protection and protect together our home. In recent years, with the high attention of the party and the government, environmental protection in China has developed rapidly. And for each of us, it is incumbent on us to adhere to the concept of green development in life.


In our daily life, we often use cotton jute bags when shopping, which make a certain contribution to environmental protection. Next, let's take a look at jute bags.


Jute is a kind of cloth made of flax, ramie, sisal, banana and other hemp plant fibers. It is generally used to make casual clothes and work clothes. It can also be used to make environmental protection packaging, fashion handbags, craft gifts, food exquisite small gunny bags, printed cotton drawstring bags and so on.


Advantages of jute

1. Moisture retention

The mini cotton drawstring bag and large cotton bag are made of natural cotton, which is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, so they have high elasticity and moisture retention. It fits the human skin, which does not make people feel hot and comfortable to touch. Even if the human body is sweating, it can absorb it quickly and restore the body temperature to normal. It is better to use it in summer.


2. Environmental protection

The jute materials for waxed cotton rucksack and plain cotton drawstring bag are made of natural environment-friendly materials. From planting to hand weaving, they do not contain chemical heavy metal ions. They are really green ecological textile treasures.


3. Heat resistance

According to scientific research, muslin tote bags made of jute will not be damaged due to high temperature at 110 ℃. Therefore, the heat resistance of hemp cloth is very strong, even if the high temperature climate will not affect its life.


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Disadvantages of jute

1. Easy to fold

No matter cotton or jute, their wrinkle resistance is poor. The reusable cotton shopping bag will leave deep marks after severe friction, which needs to be ironed later.


2. Roughness

Compared with pure cotton fabric, jute fabric has a certain degree of roughness, which can cause tingling sensation on the body. In addition, cotton grocery tote bags made of hemp cloth have a general glossiness and no highlight.


Cotton and jute cloth is generally blended with 55% cotton and 45% jute or 50% of jute and cotton respectively. Therefore, the texture of cotton and jute cloth is soft, and it is easy to twist and shake with force, which will damage the washing machine seriously. Therefore, it is recommended to put the promotional calico bag in the laundry bag and choose the gentle gear for washing.

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