Ingenious Use of Reusable Bags

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With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, people's awareness of environmental protection is increasing. Through the use of natural fiber or degradable fiber production of environmental friendly bags can achieve the requirements of environmental protection and saving.


Nowadays, most of the reusable grocery bags used by people are free advertising bags given by enterprises for publicity or promotion. On the one hand, they are simple in style and have no design features. On the other hand, people sometimes blindly pursue the size of the capacity and ignore the requirements of the load-bearing structure, which affects the performance of the foldable shopping bag.


In addition, due to the lack of pursuit of beauty, the decoration of biodegradable shopping bags will appear poor graphics, rough printing, monotonous color phenomenon. Originally for the use of plastic bags, consumers have no requirements for beauty or ugliness, as long as it is practical. But for recyclable shopping bags, the requirements are much higher. Even if it's just an ordinary bag for shopping, it should look better. If you want to be able to carry the fashion goods on the street, then the bag must have the fashion element completely. 


However, if you really go to the supermarket, you will find that the color and style of the eco-friendly shopping bags on the shelves, whether they are non-woven bags or cotton bags, are not satisfactory. If you want to get a good quality, color and style of polyester shopping bags, it is difficult to find in the supermarket. On the contrary, some consumers say that if they see creative handbags, they will definitely buy them and give them to their friends. So, in the face of so many reusable shopping bags at home, how to make them more valuable in some wonderful ways?


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Dust cover of clothes

First, we fold the sleeves of the clothes together. Then, we put the hanger in the collar and fold the clothes into three equal parts. Next, we can put the clothes directly into the pp non-woven shopping bag. Finally, we put the hook through the shopping bag handle and hang it in the closet, so that the dust is hard to get close to clothes.



Bar storage

The bottom of the bar is a storage grid space. In fact, it is quite changeable. Sometimes it puts things, and sometimes it is empty. We can find a laminated shopping bag and cut off the handle ropes on both sides. We need to modify its size to fit into the bar storage space. We can put some souvenirs for travel or atlas for visiting the exhibition hall. The primary color bag contains all kinds of colorful things inside, so it doesn't look messy and crowded.



Decorative function

Now the design shopping bag is more and more exquisite, we can make it into some stickers and hang it on the wall, which is both beautiful and practical. In addition, some organic shopping bags can also be used for flower arrangement, which will bring a certain sense of fashion to the home.

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