How to find a reliable supplier in China?

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Any Amazon seller will tell you that the cost of finding dishonest Chinese suppliers or getting stuck with a poor-quality shipment is high. So the first step of avoiding dishonest suppliers is to find honest ones via the right channel.


1. The Canton Fair

Canton Fair, China’s largest import/export convention, is normally held twice a year and covers virtually every industry that makes physical products. It is so huge that it runs in three phases:


Phase 1: Electronics, machinery, building materials and chemical products


Phase 2: Consumer goods, home décor and gifts


Phase 3: Textiles, recreational products, office supplies, shoes, medical devices and health products


But here is what you should pay attention to.

The sales representatives speak little English. Some are hired for the fair and may not work for the company. So you may only get to learn about MOQs and some product details.


You can hire a private interpreter at the fair at 400-500 RMB or $60-$75 per day. Service charges are higher for minority languages.


Suppliers bring samples with them, so you get to see and touch the product to get an idea of quality.


Low prices often means low quality. Trust me, it is better to get high quality good despite their high price.


After you speak to suppliers, they will ask for your business card to keep in touch with you after the fair.


2. Yiwu Market

Disclaimer: Yiwu wholesalers are trading companies, not manufacturers.


The Yiwu Market in Zhejiang is open all year round. It mainly sells good at low prices whose quality is not guaranteed. So if you are looking for personal care items, or cosmetics, it is recommended that you go look somewhere else. This is because the marketplace is heavily tilted towards buyers in India, Africa and the Middle East, and therefore their products don’t reflect the regulations and safety standards in the EU or USA.


3.Hire a Chinese sourcing agent

If you are a foreigner who knows nothing about Chinese, to avoid being cheated by some cunning and dishonest company, youd better hire a Chinese sourcing agent to visit the factory and inspect the quality of the products for you. Professional agents will inspect the quality closely and give you detailed feedback in time. Besides, with agents, you can communicate freely with bag supplier, and therefore, help you overcome language barriers and get what you want across.



4. Google

Many people will go for Google when they want to find a supplier, which is very wise. With the development cross-border commerce, an increasing number of Chinese suppliers are building their own business websites to make deals directly with foreigners. However, sometimes you are likely to find a trader when you really want is a manufacturer. Thats when you make an inquiry and visit their website for further detail. Search using specific keywords for products or location, such as “shopping bag suppliers” or “Zhejiang bag products”. A Google search using key terms is also a quick way to find relevant supplier pages.

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