How to Use Growing Bags for Plants

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The fabric planting bag sounds like a bag in which you can grow plants. They are made of thick, breathable fabric, similar to reusable grocery bags. The grow bag is well inflated and the drainage capacity is better than that of traditional plastic pots. Fabric grow bags are usually filled with growing medium, which grows from soil to soilless materials such as peat, composted green waste, bark or wood chips, or any mixture of these items. Seed bags have different heights and widths, making them versatile enough to hold plants of almost any size. They are highly adaptable and can be easily arranged as needed. Improved root system and better temperature and watering control are the other two benefits of using seed bags.


Usually, planting bags or cloth pots are used to grow various vegetables, even plants, such as small and medium-sized trees. They are ideal for any plant with a small root system. Nutrients such as nitrogen are added in the final growing season, which means that growers only need to water. When you have limited space or poor soil conditions, planting bags are the ideal solution. There are several different brands in the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. So how to use growing bags?


Prepare Your Growing Bag

1. Spread clay pebbles in the branded planting bag to help drainage. If the type of filling mixture you are using is not easy to drain, you may need to line the bottom of the planting bag. You can line the bag with clay pebbles or thick perlite. Put enough pebbles or perlite on the bottom of the bag to completely cover it.


2. Add soil to the planting bag. You can use compost-like gardening soil, compost made specifically for containers, or you can mix it yourself. The most suitable mixture for growing bags is 1/3 moss, 1/3 compost mixture (such as chicken manure or mushroom compost) and 1/3 ver stone (moisturizing mineral). Fill the growing bag almost completely, leaving a few inches (5 cm) of space at the top of the bag.


3. Loosen the shape of the fabric bag. After putting the dirt in the bag, shake it a bit, then knead it to loosen it as if it was a pillow. Then, shape the bag into a low hammock (like a hill). This is to ensure that the soil spreads evenly.


4. Pierce drainage holes in the bag if it doesn't have any. Pierce the bottom of the bag with scissors. The size of the holes should be the size of the holes pierced by the scissors, and they should be about half an inch (1.3 cm) apart. The holes are only used to release excess water.


 76-3-grow bag

Add Plants

1. Choose plants with shallow roots for best results. Shallow root plants are ideal for bags because they are not obstructed by the bottom of the bag. Good choices include tomatoes, peppers (capsicum), eggplant, zucchini, cucumber, bone marrow, strawberries, lentils, lettuce, potatoes, herbs and flowers.


2. Place the custom grow bag where the plants will be planted. The growing bag is easy to move and can be placed in various positions. They can be placed on the balcony, outside the garden or in the greenhouse. When choosing a location, consider the amount of sunlight and warmth the plants need.


3. Dig out the soil to make room for plants. Shovel out the soil with your hands or a trowel. Make sure you dug up enough soil so that you can cover the entire roots of the plant after planting


4. Install the root ball in the soil. Insert the root ball into the excavated soil. Make sure that the entire root ball is covered in the soil. Then, cover the top of the root ball with the excavated soil

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