How to Reduce The Use of Plastic Shopping Bags?

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"Energy saving and emission reduction" is not only a buzzword in today's society, but also a strategic choice related to the future of mankind. It is of great significance to improve the awareness of "energy conservation and emission reduction" and make simple and easy changes to our own lifestyle or consumption habits to jointly reduce global greenhouse gas (mainly carbon dioxide) emissions.


"Low carbon life" energy conservation and environmental protection is conducive to slow down the global warming and environmental degradation. Choosing "low carbon life" is not only the responsibility of country, but also the obligation of every citizen. Low carbon advocates the use of low energy, low consumption, low expenditure lifestyle to minimize energy consumption, so as to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The goal is to protect the earth's environment and ensure the long-term comfortable life and development of human beings on the earth.


Plastics are one of the major materials causing environmental pollution. Plastic custom shopping bags will not only occupy a lot of land, but also can not be restored for a long time, which affects the sustainable use of land. If the waste plastic shopping bags entering the domestic waste are landfilled, they will not be degraded in 200 years. It is very harmful to the land. It changes its pH and affects the absorption of nutrients and water by crops, leading to agricultural production So, how to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags?


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Increase the unit price of plastic shopping bags and reduce the purchase rate

The place where plastic shopping bags appear most frequently is the place where shopping is needed. For example, every time we go to the supermarket, the cashier will ask if we need rose gold shopping bags. And we often choose to buy because of the low price. We can see that the price determines the consumption rate of the purchase rate. Therefore, we can appropriately increase the price of retail shopping bags, so as to reduce the purchase rate of customers and the utilization rate of plastic shopping bags. 



Replace plastic shopping bags with shopping baskets, cartons and reusable shopping bags

Whether we are shopping in the supermarket or packing food on the way home, plastic shopping bags with logos will appear frequently in front of us, which is also a great increase in the use of plastic bags. We can take food baskets or reusable shopping bags when we go shopping to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags. If you buy too many things, you can use shopping paper box bags instead of plastic bags to protect the environment.



Enhance the use value of plastic shopping bags

In life, the most common thing is that plastic purple shopping bags are discarded at will. In fact, careful discovery, some glossy shopping bags are still good and not fully utilized. You can turn leftover plastic bags into other things that can be used. For example, it can be turned into garbage bags and reused after washing to enhance the use value of plastic portable shopping bag.


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