How to Promote Root Growth in Plants?

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A strong root system is one of the key factors in growing a healthy plant.  However, a strong root system does not happen automatically. This article mainly introduces the methods to promote root growth in plants.


Use a Root Trainer

A root trainer is a container like non woven bag that encourages a plant’s roots to grow downward, instead of sideways. This results in a deeper root system, which can then branch out sideways after the plant is moved into the garden. A root trainer has grooves on the inside that prevent a plant’s roots from circling around the non woven fabric bags. Instead, the roots are “funneled” down towards a hole at the bottom of the root trainer.


Once the roots reach the hole at the bottom of the non woven cloth bags, they are exposed to the air.  At this point, air pruning occurs – that is, the roots stop growing once they encounter air. This air pruning encourages the plant to starting grow more roots in other locations. This results in a stronger and more extensive root system that will grow deep into the soil after transplant.


Repot as Needed

A plant becomes root bound when its roots start to circle around the inside of its container when they have nowhere else to go.  As the roots continue to circle around in search of nutrients, they make all the way around the inside of the pot. At that point, there is no new soil left for the roots to grow into. Eventually, the plant will stop growing, non woven polypropylene grow bags can help prevent this problem. 


After transplanting into a grow bag, the plant’s roots will have more room to grow. You can sometimes tell that a plant needs repotting if you can see roots when you look at the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.


To repot, first find a non woven biodegradable grow bag that is slightly larger than the current pot. Next, add some soil to the bottom of the new non woven poly bags. Then, gently take the plant out of its old container to avoid damaging the roots. Put the plant in the new container, on top of the layer of soil that you already put down. Finally, add more soil until the new eco non woven bag is filled to where you want it.



Loosen and Aerate Soil

Loose, aerated soil will make for a stronger, more vigorous plant. So, before you transplant seedlings into the garden, it is a good idea to loosen the soil a bit. You don’t have to rototill (unless it’s a new garden) – a shovel will probably suffice to break up any clumps or compacted soil.


Heavy clay soil is more likely to become compacted. To counter this, add some compost to provide organic material and make the soil a little looser.


Practice Deep, Infrequent Watering

Watering too often will lead to a shallow, weak root system in your plants, since they won’t need to work hard to get water. Instead, provide deep waterings less often to encourage a stronger, more extensive root system. Though eco friendly non woven grow bags which are porous will require more frequent watering. it is harder to over-water them because any excess moisture will be wicked out of the bag.


When plant roots cannot readily find water, they will branch out sideways or grow deeper in search of more water. Allowing the soil to dry out between waterings will encourage this root growth.


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