How to Make a Drawstring Bag?

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Drawstring bag, which is often called bundle bag, is widely used in daily life. Because the drawstring bag is small, light and easy to carry, it is often used as a storage artifact. The large drawstring bag can also be customized, designed and printed with various logo and patterns according to the needs of individuals and enterprises. It is not only a kind of container to pack goods that are very popular with businesses, but also can be used as a media for brand promotion. Because the material of drawstring bag is durable, it is also considered as a kind of eco-friendly shopping bag. So, how to make a drawstring bag?


Step 1

First of all, we need to select a sample with the size of 20cm * 15cm. You can also design the size of the pink drawstring bag according to your own preferences. Handmade works are always like this, as long as you like it. More importantly, we should remember to reserve 1cm seam allowance at four sides when cutting cloth, for example, 20 * 15, we should cut it into 22 * 17 size.



Step 2

In this step, we should first cut the lining into a 22 * 17 rectangle (with seam allowance) and put the surface cloth opposite the front of the lining. After that, we used beads for fixation and sutured the short edge of 17cm. Finally, the head and end of the satin drawstring bag should be reinforced with back stitches.


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Step 3

After that, we sew the two sides of the silk drawstring bag into the shape of the opposite side of the cloth. Then we should fix and sew the long side with a bead needle. It should be noted that the promotional drawstring bag is always sewn on the reverse side. And we should not turn over to the front temporarily. In addition, it is normal to have filaments on the edge of the cloth. As long as the normal trimming does not hinder sewing, it is not recommended to constantly tear and pull the edge thread.


Step 4

After one long side is sewn, we need to sew another long side. But this side needs to leave 2-3cm seam, that is, the dotted part does not need to be stitched. Because then the drawstring bag with logo will turn from this seam to the front. Finally, we sew the seam with hidden stitches.



Step 5

We draw two parallel lines 4-5cm away from the printed drawstring bag. The distance between the two parallel lines is the space for the bundle of pocket ropes, which is generally between 1.5cm-2cm. Above the parallel line is the wrinkle on the drawstring bag. You can also determine the position of the tie rope according to your own preference. Because the tie rope is wrapped around, we must remember to draw the same parallel lines on the front and back of the cloth.



Step 6

First of all, we take out the ready tie rope and threading device to thread. Then, we put the tie rope around the threading device and insert it into the previous seam. In this way, a cool drawstring bag is completed.

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