How to Identify the Quality of Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

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Now, due to the national ecological civilization strategy, eco-friendly shopping bags have gradually entered the public's vision. At the same time, environmental protection also takes shopping bags as an opportunity to combine with fashion. It highlights the personality of users. From materials to patterns, all kinds of new designs are popular. Major institutions, websites, newspapers have also held eco-friendly shopping bags design competition to give designers a full display of the stage. Even some units have begun to distribute eco-friendly shopping bags.


In several portable shopping bag market, we can see that most customers bring their own shopping bags. Many consumers are concerned about the phenomenon that many enterprises use the concept of environmental protection to produce clear shopping bags that do not meet the applicable standards. Some non-eco-friendly shopping bags can not be used to package food, especially cooked food. The use of biodegradable shopping bags that do not meet standards will cause food deterioration, leading to food poisoning symptoms. For customers who do not have their own shopping bags, the cashier will ask if they need to use paid plastic bags, and only a few of them choose to buy them. Most of these so-called eco-friendly shopping bags are not of high quality, which will have a little bad impact on people's body and environment.


With the implementation of the "plastic restriction order", the concept of reusable grocery bags began to strengthen in people's minds. Its exquisite and beautiful appearance can be transformed into a simple and convenient single backpack, which can become people's accessory bags.


In the past, when we suddenly decided to go shopping and bought a lot of things, we would only buy an eco-friendly shopping bag. Now many supermarkets claim that their shopping bags are environmentally friendly. In fact, due to the high cost of bags and the government's lack of rigid regulations, the eco-friendly shopping bags in the market vary in quality. So, how to identify the quality of eco-friendly shopping bags?


25-2.the quality of eco-friendly shopping bags

Sensory detection method

High quality sustainable shopping bags can be milky white, translucent, or colorless and transparent. It's flexible and has a smooth feel. Toxic non-eco-friendly shopping bags are muddy or yellow in color and sticky in hand.



Water detection method

Place the shopping bag in the water and press into the bottom. The proportion of high quality reusable produce bags is small, while the ratio of non-eco-friendly shopping bags is large, which will be accompanied by sinking phenomenon.



Jitter detection method

Hold one end of the foldable shopping bag with your hand and shake it hard. If you make a crisp sound, it is a high quality reusable produce bag, while the stuffy sound is a non-eco-friendly shopping bag.



Fire detection method

High quality recyclable shopping bag is flammable and the flame is blue. When it burns, it drops like candle tears with paraffin smell and less smoke. The toxic non-eco-friendly shopping bag is not flammable and extinguishes immediately after leaving the fire. The flame is yellow with a pungent smell of hydrochloric acid.

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