How to DIY Holiday Gift Bags?

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It is commonly believed that we should present lot of gifts during festivals and some important anniversaries, which means lots of gifts and lots of gift wrapping. Though gifts can convey good wishes, shelling out a ton of money for something that’s going to get tossed into the garbage is obviously not something you wish for.


As the growing sense of environmental protection, more and more people advocate the use of reusable products, such as reusable produce bags, reusable shopping bags, custom reusable shopping bag, reusable tote shopping bag and so on. This DIY reusable holiday gift sack is the perfect solution for giving a pretty gift that you don’t actually have to wrap. It’s also eco-friendly by reducing waste when it comes to gift giving!



The Advantages of Handmade Gifts

First of all, the time and energy spent on the things make your present unique. If we want a fancy and high-end gift, we only need to go to the store. But for the handmade gifts, the preparation of the materials and the conception of the entire item require a lot of efforts. Therefore, sometimes handmade birthday gifts can better reflect our affection.


In addition, compared with the birthday gifts purchased, handmade birthday gifts are more special and unique. Such a special gift will definitely be more popular.


With so many benefits of handmade birthday gifts, do you also want to make a birthday gift by hand? Steps of how to DIY a gift are as follows.


 6-2-travel makeup organizer


Step 1: Use either a hand to draw a tag on a piece of iron-on vinyl.


Step 2: Draw a line with a swirl on the backside of the vinyl. Draw another line about a 1/8” away from the first line. This will be the string for the tag. Then, cut it out.


Step 3: Place the vinyl on the top left-hand side of the bag and iron it with an iron according to the instructions on the package.


Step 4: Flip the bag over and iron.


Step 5: While the liner is still warm, peel it off.


Step 6: Place the tag on the bag with the liner on top. Go over it with the iron.


Step 7: Flip the bag over and iron the backside.


Step 8: While the liner is still warm, remove the liner.


Step 9: Cut a piece of ribbon 10” long. Create two loops on both sides of the ribbon and tie them together to create a bow.


Step 10: Trim the ends of the ribbon at an angle.


Step 11: Cut the tiny strip in half again.


Step 12: Peel off the Velcro liner and add fabric glue to the back.


Step 13: Place the Velcro on the back of the ribbon and press down.


Step 14: Take the other half of the Velcro you cut and remove the back liner. Then, add glue to the back and place it on the tag and press down.


Step 15: Use chalk to add the name of your recipient. After the gift has been open, take the bag back, use a wet cloth to wipe away the name, let it dry and then write another name for your next gift!



With your gift made by yourself, the festival or a certain anniversary will become more meaningful. Besides, if you want to make your gift exquisite, you can prepare good-looking bags, such as silver drawstring bag, round drawstring bag, pink drawstring backpack, drawstring sling bag and so on. MECO promotes bags made of environmentally friendly materials to our customers. To reduce air pollution caused by the printing process, we use recyclable materials. Our products, such as travel makeup organizer and rose gold makeup bag are suitable for people who are for environmental protection.

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