How to Clean The Cosmetic Bag?

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In 2019, the market scale of designer cosmetic bag reached 3600 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 14%. Due to the short-term imbalance between domestic and foreign supply and demand, the cosmetic bag industry has a strong market demand.  At present, in terms of business model of China's cosmetic bag industry, some enterprises present the characteristics of "e-commerce of cosmetic bag". They use the Internet as a complementary means of marketing channels to provide low-cost products. In the future, the profitability of cosmetic bag industry is mainly based on its ability to integrate resources of all parties.


"Internet plus" is applied in the cosmetic bag area, bringing new development space for clear cosmetic bags. On this basis, traditional enterprises and Internet platforms compete fiercely. Enterprises improve the market competition rate by improving user experience and efficiency, which provides new growth space for the cosmetic bag industry. This shows that people are more and more inclined to buy small makeup bags now. So, how to clean the cosmetic bag?



Common stains

If the dirt of cosmetic travel bags is shallow, we can deal with it immediately. We can use the most common student eraser, not that kind of bluffing children into various shapes and colors, even with the taste of candy. The point is the one that doesn't fall apart. In addition, the waste silk stockings is also a good treatment tool, which can be used to hold the residual broken soap to deal with the stains to the greatest extent. 


Leatherware is also a kind of tool to deal with stains, which is ideal for cleaning the ash or not too dirty stains of leather cosmetic bags at the beginning. But it should be noted that what we need is plain and colorfast stockings for women.


For leather makeup bag with compartments, you can use bristle soft brush or shoe brush to deal with stains. The main requirement is to be soft, otherwise it will damage the cortex. Toothbrush is mainly used to clean up the dust stuck in the seam of canvas makeup bags.



Oil pollution

If your make-up bag is dark, you can use detergent to clean it. You can directly pour the right amount of detergent in the contaminated area, and then use a soft brush or toothbrush with water to gently brush. You need to pay attention not to use too much force, in case the color of the pink makeup bag will be scratched off. You just need to brush the oil stains gently until they are out of sight, and then rinse them with clean water. If it's a white cosmetic bag, you can use diluted bleach to clean it. Be sure to use diluted bleach (1:10), otherwise it will corrode the cosmetic bag.



Ballpoint pen stains

If there is ballpoint pen handwriting on the professional makeup bag, we need to lightly smear the handwriting with 95% alcohol or egg white. Then, we should keep it on the surface of the rose gold makeup bag for about five minutes. Finally, we gently wipe the stains and clean them with water

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