How to Clean Eco-friendly Shopping Bags?

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With the rapid development of material civilization construction and spiritual civilization construction, environmental problems have increasingly become the focus of people's attention. It not only has a close relationship with our life, but also affects our life all the time. In these environmental problems, white pollution has become a factor that can not be ignored.


Plastic is the main source of "white pollution", which is composed of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene. With the continuous increase of plastic production and lower cost, large plastic shopping bags with logos are abandoned in the environment, which brings great damage to the landscape and ecological environment. As most of the plastic packaging is white, the environmental pollution caused by it is called "white pollution"


From the release of the plastic restriction order, plastic shopping bags will gradually withdraw from the packaging market and be replaced by reusable shopping bags. Compared with plastic shopping bags, this kind of environment-friendly non-woven shopping bag is easier to print patterns and has more vivid colors. In addition, it can be used repeatedly, which has been widely praised by people. Because we can add exquisite patterns and advertisements on reusable shopping bags, and its loss rate is lower than that of plastic shopping bags, environmental friendly shopping bags will save more costs and bring more obvious advertising benefits. However, we are often plagued with stains from these shopping bags in our daily lives. So, how to clean eco-friendly shopping bags


28-1. cleaning environment-friendly shopping bag

First washing requirements

Before using the reusable produce bag, we should wash it for the first time, which must be treated specially. First, we need put a little salt in the water to make it dissolve. After that, we should soak the reusable produce bag in the water for half an hour, which is to prevent the recyclable shopping bag from fading reasonably.



Temperature requirements


For example, canvas shopping bags are made of the same material as cotton shopping bags. They are made of natural materials and are environmentally friendly. Canvas is a kind of thick cotton or hemp fabric. It got its name because it was used for sails. On the one hand, the canvas shopping bag is strong and durable, fashionable and environmentally friendly. On the other hand, it is easy to clean and not easy to deform after washing. Due to the characteristics of its material, the temperature of water should not be too high when washing. It is better to adjust the temperature below 30℃.


Separate cleaning

Do not put the biodegradable shopping bag into the washing machine and wash it with other clothes because of the convenience. This kind of environmental friendly bag is very easy to dye. If other clothes fade, it will affect the color of eco-friendly shopping bag.



Soft detergent

The sustainable shopping bag usually has a slight fading problem, so we need to pay special attention to the type and amount of chemical lotion used when washing. It is usually not necessary to use a cleaning solution with bleaching agent effect or fluorescence.

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