How to Choose a Suitable Lunch Bag?

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Your child will start school this year. You pack nutritious and healthy foods in his bento box every day. But something doesn't feel right. This is how the lunch box is constructed. Or the food does not align or looks different. Things are always messed up. Your son needs to open food containers and get help with meals at school...actually, I am here to talk about myself.


In terms of food, I did a great job. In most cases, I make sure that my boy eats organic, complete homemade food. This is what I prepared for his lunch. But the truth is, it's not just food. In order for our children to have the best lunch experience at school, lunch needs to be packed in the right way. Like everything else, the variety of bento boxes available in the market today is unstoppable. This is why I ended up buying a completely useless lunch box for the boy. It's time to find the right one. This article mainly introduces how to choose a suitable lunch bag.




Insulation is the key to keeping food and beverages fresh. The thicker the insulating layer, the better the insulation performance. If you are not sure whether the lunch bag is insulated, check the main features of the product packaging.



Easy to Clean

The custom lunch bag are made to get messy! Or, at least some of them are. Make sure that when buying a cooler lunch bag for your child, you can easily wipe or wash the thermal lunch bag.


 90-2-personalized lunch bags


There are many options regarding portability. Some personalized lunch bags have clips that can be attached to the backpack, others have shoulder straps. There are also many options with padded belts and handles, which can be easily carried to school or work for long commutes.




Try to find an insulated lunch bag with a hard liner! This not only provides a protective barrier to prevent food from being crushed, but also allows the liner to be removed for easy cleaning.



The Cute Factor

The options are endless. When buying school lunch bag, let children choose their favorite lunch bag.




Finally, the price. When you must buy lunch bags multiple times a year, please do not spend expensive lunch bags. There are many reasonably priced options with all these key features, and many more options to make you and your child happy.



Bottle carabiner accessories

If your bag does not specify a place for the kettle, then you are lucky! Bottle carabiner is the perfect way to take away the bottle. They can be connected to most water bottles and can be hung on backpacks, purses or suitcases.


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