How to Choose Canvas Bags?

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Clothing design has a strong practicality and professionalism. Therefore, it is very strict to the clothing designer, which requires that the clothing designer must have certain theoretical basic knowledge and corresponding practicality.


Tote canvas bag is a fashion product designed for young people with its unique casual design combined with classic and invincible fashion concept. Therefore, the choice of fabric is also biased towards natural cotton material, which should be versatile, fashionable, beautiful, and in line with the aesthetic outlook of the younger generation.


With more and more design elements of waxed canvas bags, the market of canvas bags has formed a fashion pursuit represented by driftwood brand. Canvas grocery bag is the new favorite of the current fashion people, which is basically versatile and can match with any clothing. Single color canvas bag is the most common piece. Although it is very practical, I believe you will sometimes feel tired, so you might as well choose a bright pattern of canvas bag to accompany you shopping. Facing all kinds of products, how do we choose canvas bags?



Style is not only the main way to show the style of bulk canvas tote bags, but also the key expression of customers' purchase intention. The style of canvas 1 bag is simple and fashionable, and the color is clean and beautiful, which becomes the highlight that attracts customers first. New style is the cornerstone of successful sales. When the style is more in line with the "taste" of customers, people begin to enter the evaluation process of fabric and workmanship.


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Due to its solid and durable properties, canvas fabric was more used in military tents and parachutes in the early stage. With the progress of science and technology, textile technology has been greatly improved, resulting in the gradual increase in the types of canvas. In the 21st century, we have entered the era of environmental protection. Canvas, which is a kind of environmental protection fabric, has been widely recognized. It carries the new fashion concept and strides into the fashion field.


Wholesale canvas bag has become a popular fashion piece. However, when buying blank canvas tote bags, we often have misunderstandings. Some consumers think that the thicker the fabric, the better the quality. In fact, it is not. The fabric quality has nothing to do with the thickness of the fabric. Cotton content and processing method are important factors to determine the quality of plain canvas bags.


More than half of women are suffering from backpacking pain, according to a survey from the British Chiropractic Association. Scientists suggest that the ideal weight of a backpack should not exceed 3 kg.



Workmanship quality

Whether the workmanship is fine or not determines the quality of the products. The finer the workmanship, the higher the quality of canvas tote with zipper. We need to see the following aspects. Firstly, we need know whether the stitches of reusable canvas shopping bags are smooth, even and continuous. Secondly, we need know whether the hardware fittings are symmetrical. Thirdly, we should know whether the center of gravity of canvas bags is shifted. 

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