How to Buy the Perfect Sized Tote?

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When it comes to buying a bag, we are constrained by some factors, such as our body frame and personal style. Buying a bag mainly depends on one's lifestyle, style, and needs. When choosing a tote bag, the buyer should consider a number of factors, including body frame, body type, necessities, and personal fashion sense. With the different kinds of bags, such as foldable shopping bag, shopping paper bag, luxury shopping bags, nylon drawstring bags, velvet drawstring bag, etc., many people have chosen the bag unfit for their figure. Tote bags come in all different shapes and sizes and in MECO you can get them in any color you can think of.


A tote bag can also be seen as a spacious handbag. Even though tote shopping bags used to be a casual accessory that women went shopping with, they have turned into a multi-purpose bag that has proven to be great for work and everyday use. For example, cotton tote bags with logo, shoulder bag cotton, calico drawstring bags wholesale, cotton canvas zipper pouch, etc., are popular among women.



Tote Bag Sizes

There are three types of tote bags when considering size: small, medium, and large. There are also variations, like the oversized totes. How big each of these totes is largely depends on the manufacturer’s standards.


 4-2-foldable shopping bag

Choose the Perfect Sized Tote According to Our Frame

When choosing a tote, we should take both the looks and the size of the bag into consideration. If you’re tall and thin, a small carrier does not compliment your frame. But the perfect sized tote will enable you to pack as much as you need while looking great on your frame.


Our body frame plays an important part in the process of choosing handbags. Your body frame size is a ratio between your wrist circumference and height. You can use a tape measure to measure your wrist circumference. Just wrap your fingers around your wrist. If the two fingers barely touch, you’re medium framed. If they overlap, you’re small boned. If they cannot touch you have a large frame.


Some consumers of small frame may choose large handbags. Because oversized accessories will prompt other people’s brains into thinking that your frame is smaller, and the other way around.



Pick the Perfect Sized Tote Based on Your Needs and Style

Most people choose a bag perfectly sized to suit their needs. Generally speaking, there’s at least one tote bag to fit almost any occasion: work, school, grocery store, the pool, the beach, and even weekend getaways – there are dozens of tote styles and sizes to choose from.



All in all, finding the perfect sized tote looks like a lot of work, but things can get less complicated if you know what to look for. Body frame and needs are two things to keep in mind when opting for a bag. Personal style, however, should be the deciding factor. If you want to choose a suitable tote bag, take our post here as a general guide to how the perfect sized tote for you should be like.

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