How Gift Bags Make a Successful Event?

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Most of us like receiving gifts. Therefore, to leave a good impression on participators, many corporate events include the tradition of providing a welcome bag to the attendees along with the promotional literature including brochures, pamphlets and an itinerary of the event.


Business give away welcome bags, often referred as swag bags, as a way to deepen their relationship with their potential customers and business partners. Moreover, there are many kinds of gift bags available. Organic cotton string bag, mini cotton bags, yellow cotton bag, ladies cotton handbags, etc. are good choices as gift bags.


However, despite the welcome bag being quite a common occurrence during such events, very few sponsors and business owners know how to do it right. If done right, gift bag can make your business prosper.


According to the recent study, a majority of people who have received a promotional welcome bag during an event will recall the name of the business or brand. The key to giving a gift bag with contents that your recipients will actually use and talk about is to find items that they’ll find useful, memorable, or fun. In other words, we can make use of welcome bags to make a successful event.



Why Event Welcome Bags are So Important for a Business?

The first and foremost reason is that people love free stuff. Besides, if you give them free stuff, most recipients will feel obliged to pay you back, either by doing business with you or telling other people about you and your business. When you want to hand your customers promotional items, a welcome bag is a more elegant way of doing it, which will make it comfortable for the attendees of any event to carry all the reading material and promotional literature about the event and the product or service it endorses all through the event.


It is convenient for people who like to keep their personal stuff in a gift bag, and giving a gift bag is a great way to help them achieve that. This way an event gift bag makes also a thoughtful gift that your recipients will appreciate.

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The Design of Welcome Bags

It is repeatedly shown that the design, quality of bag materials, and even imprints on your welcome bags can have a huge impact on your brand’s visibility. So, it is not just about what you put in the bag. That’s why businesses choose bags with logos, such as shopping bags with logos, drawstring bags with logo, plastic shopping bags with logos, shopping paper bags with logos, etc. to decorate or package their products.


According to experts, a great event welcome bag should firstly contain your company’s logo, but don’t overdo it, as not everyone wants to become a human walking banner. Secondly, it should be medium-to-small sized. Thirdly, it should be made of quality materials. If you want your recipients to reuse the gift bag as much as possible and keep your brands in sight, make sure that the swag bag itself is made of quality and sturdy fabric. Last but not least, you should come with high impact details. For instance, if you’re into the eco-friendly industry, using promotional totes, such as reusable drawstring bags and reusable grocery bags will speak volumes of your commitment to the cause.



There is no doubt that small details can have a huge impact on a business. And this holds true for the humble welcome bags handed around like candies during a promotional event.


To stay on the safe side, just order the bags from a reliable seller, such as MECO, which knows the importance of a quality gift bag for a business.

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