How Do Cooler Bags Work?

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Can you imagine going to a tailgate, reaching into your portable cooler, and finding that it’s not chilly inside at all? Your drinks would taste less refreshing, your sandwiches would be soggy, and the fruit and veggies would be rotten and gross.


Luckily, you can count on portable cooler bags to stay at the right temperature for a long time. How does this work? What’s the science behind cooler bags? This article mainly introduces how do insulated cooler bags work.



Cooler Bag Technology

The original freezer was made of galvanized metal. Later versions were made of hard plastic. They are double-walled with a dense layer of polystyrene foam in the middle to help keep things cool. Today's freezers still use the same basic method.


Styrofoam is a suitable insulator, but it must be quite thick to maintain the internal temperature for a long time. Moreover, styrofoam is easily dented and cracked, so it must be enclosed in a hard case to prevent cracking. Therefore, the freezer must be strong.


In contrast, cold storage bags are not rigid. Instead, they are usually made of bulky but soft fabrics (such as polyester) on the outside. The interior is lined with heavy-duty foil. Between the outer layer and the inner layer is a layer of material, such as soft foam, which is very thin but dense and can maintain the internal temperature for several hours. This technology can make the thermos cooler bag soft and thin, so it is easy to transport. Moreover, unlike its rigid predecessor, custom cold storage bags can be manufactured in various sizes and shapes.


69-3-insulated cooler bags 

How to Keep Your Cooler Cold for Longer

Insulation and ice are great, but they can only go so far when it comes to keeping your cooler cold. Even Superman has to deal with Kryptonite at some point, right?


Luckily, there are super easy ways to make your cooler stay cold for a longer period of time:


Pre-chill the food and drinks you plan on packing.

Fill the cooler to the top with food and drinks.

Freeze bottled water to store in empty spaces.

Store your cooler out of the sun.

Put the ice in last.

Don’t drain the water when the ice melts.

Pack all the essentials on top.

Keep the lid closed.



The Convenience of Promotional Cooler Bags

At, we provide promotional insulation bags in various sizes. Different size bags are suitable for different purposes. Our smallest branded thermal insulation bag is the ideal size for lunch bags, perfect for school or work. Meigebags also carries many medium-sized models. These are ideal for a picnic or a day on the beach, or to hold 12 or 24 standard size beverage cans. Our large models are very suitable for camping or other occasions that require food and meals for more than a day.


In addition to being not bulky, today's thermal insulation bags also have the advantages of lighter weight and more convenient transportation. Meigebags' promotional insulated bags are equipped with handles and adjustable belts, which are easy to carry and can be easily carried by one person. Designers usually add other features, such as outer bags, which can be used to pack smaller items, which do not have to be cooler than the inner items. Excess food, even personal items such as keys and mobile phones can be placed in the outside pockets, so that a wallet or extra bag is no longer needed when spending a day on a picnic in the park.

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