How Color Theory Plays a Role in Custom Bag Design

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Color theory is the collection of rules and guidelines which designers use to communicate with users through appealing color schemes in visual interfaces. To pick the best colors every time, designers use a color chart and refer to extensive collected knowledge about human optical ability, psychology, culture and more.


Whether we realize it or not, design can have a significant impact on our daily lives. Through color theory and print design, you can inspire emotion, convey information and inspire change. This article will help you create custom bags with effective designs that can be used in your next promotion



Color Theory Basics

If you want to create attractive customized promotional bags, it is important to understand basic color theory and design.


When creating anything, whether it is an advertisement, an artwork or a custom promotional bags, every design must have meaning. When planning what to incorporate into the custom package design, pay attention to the colors you choose. Each color should match your brand, campaign or purpose.


Before deciding on your color scheme, take a look at the color theory chart. Based on the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue, the color chart also presents second and third colors.


Created by mixing primary colors, the second colors are green, orange and purple. The third colors created by mixing the primary colors and the second colors are yellow-orange, red-orange, magenta, cyan, and yellow-green.


Your color scheme should follow the rules on the color chart. This may mean combining opposite colors or colors next to each other. No matter which color scheme you choose, it should convey harmony and unity in your design.


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How Color Invokes Emotion

Before designing a custom drawstring bags, ask yourself what kind of emotion you want to show. Some of the psychological effects of color are feelings of comfort, excitement, love or anger. These are some examples of common reactions to primary colors.


Red usually inspires the strongest emotions of any color. Red is the warmest color, so it is usually associated with passion, love, strength and anger.


Yellow is another strong color because it is strong and full of vitality. Yellow is eye-catching, full of vitality and warmth. Keep in mind that yellow is often considered difficult to read.


Finally, blue is a cool, sincere and peaceful color. Blue is also generally considered calming and is often used in the design of popular mobile applications, such as Twitter and Facebook. Although blue is a peaceful color, it can also cause feelings of sadness or detachment.


When designing a logo, advertisement or custom package, be sure to study the psychology behind the color. Whether they notice it or not, color alone can drive people away or attract them.



Other Print Design Tips

When creating a packaging design or customized non woven bag, it is important to remember these simple techniques to form a beautiful, effective style:


-Give your eco-friendly non woven bags a luminous space (don't crowd your design space, because it is difficult to read and attract people)

-Use a simple color scheme (limit the design to some influential colors)

-Understand that the colors on the screen may be different (some shades of yellow, green and red may be difficult to see in printing)

-Keep the custom bag design simple (less is more when in doubt)

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