Global Agricultural Grow Bags Market 2018-2022

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According to their latest market research report, Technavio analysts predict that during the forecast period, the compound annual growth rate of the global agricultural grow bag market will be close to 5%.


The use of double-layer agricultural plastic bags is one of the main trends seen in the global agricultural plastic bag market in 2018-2022. Compared with the traditional single-layer agricultural bag, the double-layer agricultural bag has two layers of culture medium. In 2015, the supplier Dutch Plantin launched a two-layer agricultural growing bag, one layer containing coconut shell and the other layer containing cassava. The coconut shell layer allows the roots to spread horizontally, while the wood chip layer allows better drainage. Compared with other growing substrates (such as rock wool), the combination of cocoa husk on the top and cocoa crumbs on the bottom is better at removing excess water and maintaining air. With the introduction of these agricultural bags, the use of cocoa as a base material for agricultural bags has increased. Facts have proved that Plantin in the Netherlands must expand production capacity to meet demand by increasing factories, which has increased the use of double-layer agricultural plastic bags. These double-layer agricultural grow bags are very suitable for plant growth, especially in the early growth stages. Since 2015, horticultural farmers in the Netherlands and Belgium have increasingly used double-layer crop bags, which they use to grow cucumbers and sweet peppers.


According to Technavio analysts, one of the key factors contributing to the growth of the global agricultural cloth bags market is the increasing use of fabric agricultural cloth bags to achieve high yields.


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Global Agricultural Grow Bags Market: Increased Adoption of Fabric Agricultural Grow Bags for High Yield

Growing plants in containers like plastic pots will cause the roots to grow in rings. Such roots are called girdling roots and are caused by a solid plastic layer that restricts the free flow of air and prevents the free growth of roots. The roots need to grow down or laterally for the plant to grow normally. When the roots hit the plastic wall of the flowerpot, they tend to form a circular pattern instead of following the usual pattern. Stripping the roots in this way can cause structural damage to the plant, as the plant stems compress, growth is hindered. However, the pores of the agricultural fabric bag can ventilate the roots, thereby expelling a lot of heat from the roots to avoid trimming and peeling. Plants with well-developed roots also help increase yield. Another reason for using fabric growing bags for farming is that they are generally cheaper than other containers such as flower pots.



Global Agricultural Grow Bags Market: Segmentation Analysis

The global agricultural plastic bag market research report provides market segmentation by product (vertical plastic bag and horizontal plastic bag) and region (Americas, EMEA and APAC). It provides an in-depth analysis of the main factors affecting the market, including drivers, opportunities, trends, and industry-specific challenges.


The Americas occupied the largest market share in 2017, accounting for nearly 35% of the market, followed by EMEA and APAC. Although the Asia-Pacific region has the smallest market share, its market share is expected to increase the most during the forecast period.

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