Four Standards of Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

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When you go to the supermarket to buy a lot of things, many people will not refuse a few cents of plastic shopping bags. However, China's 1.4  billion people use 3 billion plastic bags every day, resulting in hundreds of tons of plastic bag waste. To this end, many experts appeal to the public to use eco-friendly shopping bags.                                          


Plastic shopping bag is a consumable in daily life. China consumes a lot of plastic shopping bags every year. Plastic shopping bags not only provide convenience for consumers, but also cause serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution due to excessive use and inadequate recycling. In particular, ultra-thin plastic shopping bags are easy to be damaged and become the main source of "white pollution". More and more countries and regions have restricted the production, sales and use of plastic shopping bags.


Now, through the vigorous publicity of the state, environmental protection shopping bags have gradually entered the public's vision. The so-called eco-friendly shopping bag generally refers to the shopping bag which can be reused for many times. And its material can be naturally degraded. Environment provides necessary resources and conditions for our survival and development. With the development of social economy, environmental problems have been put on the agenda of governments as an unavoidable important issue. It is an important task for the government to protect the environment, reduce environmental pollution and curb the trend of ecological deterioration. In this context, the implementation of biodegradable shopping bags is particularly valuable. So, what are the four essential standards for eco-friendly shopping bags? shopping bag

Bearing capacity

As a kind of shopping bag, it is a basic requirement to be able to bear weight. And some of the pp woven shopping bags are directly glued, which has poor load-bearing performance. You can imagine how sad it would be if, one day, you were walking down the road with a watermelon you had just bought, "bang!" it dropped and broke.




The reason why plastic shopping bags are called "white pollution" is that they are thrown away after being used once. Reusable produce bags can be used repeatedly, which greatly reduces the waste of resources.



Environmental protection of end products

Reusable grocery bags should not produce any harmful substances to the environment when entering the garbage treatment process. Take a company's sustainable shopping bag as an example, using food grade polyethylene substrate and EBP degradation masterbatch with independent intellectual property rights, complete degradation can be achieved within two to three years. After degradation, only water, carbon dioxide and soil organic matter are produced, which can truly achieve environmental protection and complete degradation.



Spread the concept of environmental protection

Recyclable shopping bag as a daily, high-frequency use of an object, is a good communication medium of environmental protection concept. On a company's reusable tote shopping bag, the words "let white pollution away from the earth" and "get rid of plastic binding" are printed, calling on everyone to use degradable environmental protection shopping bags instead of disposable and non-degradable plastic bags in order to contribute to the future of the earth.

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