Environmental Significance of Cotton Bags

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White pollution is a unique environmental pollution in China's cities. A large number of waste plastic shopping bags can be seen everywhere in various public places. They come from industry, made by human beings, and finally attributed to nature, thus affecting the ecological environment of nature. 


From the point of view of resource saving, large plastic shopping bags should be recycled as much as possible because the main source of plastic shopping bags with logos is the exhausted petroleum resources. However, the production cost of recycling is far higher than the direct production cost, which is difficult to achieve under the current market economy conditions. Facing the increasingly serious problem of white pollution, people hope to find a plastic substitute that can replace the existing plastic properties without causing white pollution. In this context , the cotton bag came into being. After it reaches a certain service life, it will be degraded due to the obvious change of its chemical structure, resulting in some performance loss and appearance change, which is harmless or less harmful to the natural environment.


Cotton tote bag is a very popular environmental protection cloth bag. Cotton cloth is taken from natural cotton, which is very environmentally friendly in raw materials. Moreover, because the price of cotton produce bag is higher than that of non-woven shopping bag, enterprises and units that choose it generally pay more attention to environmental protection. It can be degraded, resulting in little harm to the environment. It is also much stronger than non-woven fabrics. In addition, it has fine grain, good printing and imaging effect, which is better than non-woven fabric. Its soft fabric makes it easy to fold and carry. Because the raw material is cotton cloth, it is easier to clean than non-woven fabric. This kind of cloth bag is suitable for shopping bags, storage bags and satchel bags.


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Economic performance

Since the release of the plastic restriction order, plastic bags have gradually withdrawn from the packaging market and replaced by reusable shopping bags. Compared with plastic bags, cotton mesh produce bags are easier to print patterns and have more vivid color expression. We can add more beautiful patterns and advertisements to cotton shopping bags than plastic bags. Because the loss rate of cotton bags is lower than that of plastic bags, cotton shopping bags are more cost-effective and can bring more obvious advertising benefits.



Public welfare

The issue of plastic restriction order is to solve the problem of environmental protection. The large use of cotton handbags greatly reduces the pressure of garbage conversion. In addition, the concept of environmental protection can better reflect the environmental protection image of enterprises and the effect of being friendly to the people. The potential value of this can't be replaced by money.




In order to save the cost, the traditional plastic shopping bag is thin and easy to be damaged. But in order to make the bag firmer, the enterprise must spend more costs. The emergence of cotton shopping bags solved all the problems. Its material determines its toughness.

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