Development Status of Lunch Boxes & Lunch Bags

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Consumers' awareness of health continues to increase, and the demand for home-made cooked food is gradually increasing. Nowadays, some educational institutions expect students to bring homemade lunch boxes.


In addition, the staff also abandon the canteen and choose homemade food because it provides easy-to-carry, nutritious, hygienic and fresh food. Therefore, during the forecast period, rapidly changing consumer preferences are expected to boost the global market sales of lunch boxes and lunch bags.



Lunch Boxes & Lunch Bags Market – Key Trends

Technological progress and product innovation have provided various benefits for boxes in the market. Electric lunch boxes, heat preservation lunch boxes, etc. are getting more and more attention due to their simple heating options.


In addition, other options available in the lunch box include liquid tight, refrigerator safe, dishwasher safe, airtight, insulated and microwave safe. Therefore, production innovation is expected to become an important development aspect of the lunch box and thermo lunch bag market.


More and more lunch bag suppliers are adopting omnichannel strategies to attract technology-savvy millennials. This strategy aims to easily integrate the user's shopping experience on multiple channels including stores and online channels.


Lunch bag manufacturers are increasing their omnichannel efforts by adding attributes to the store’s mobile apps (for example, options to search store inventory and special in-store promotions). Therefore, such measures are expected to boost sales during the evaluation period.


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Lunch Boxes & Lunch Bags Market Growth Restraints

The easy availability of counterfeit and cheap alternative lunch bags (such as low-quality plastics) may also affect the health of users, which is expected to hinder market growth.


The boom in e-commerce and the higher discounts offered by these platforms in the industry may hinder the sales of bento boxes and thermo personalized bento bags within the region because of the large number of regional and local players in the market.



COVID-19 Impact on Lunch Boxes & Lunch Bags Market

The mandatory lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a continuous interruption of supply chain logistics, which is a major growth obstacle for the lunch box and small thermo lunch bag market in several countries/regions.


The demand for lunch boxes may not be attractive in the first half of 2020, however it is anticipated to gain traction in the second half as lockdown will be relaxed to a few extent and employees will start attending office.



Lunch Boxes & Lunch Bags Market – Region-wise Analysis

Due to the low availability of production materials, East Asia and Southeast Asia are expected to dominate the global lunch box and lunch bag market. Consumers in the region are highly aware of the health benefits of home cooking, which is driving sales.


Due to the large working population in the region, North American and European market shares are expected to grow rapidly. Due to the increase in the number of working women during the assessment period, it is expected that the multilateral environmental agreements and the South American region will show tremendous development.



Lunch Boxes & Lunch Bags Market – Competitive Analysis

Due to the participation of various major players, the global lunch box and custom lunch bag market has become fragmented. Participants will focus on mergers and acquisitions, new product launches and innovation to meet market demand.


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