Development Status of Eco-friendly Shopping Bags (Foreign Countries)

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In developed countries, most supermarkets have not provided free plastic bags to consumers for a long time. It's just that this does not exist in a form prescribed by the government, but many supermarkets consciously do it. People usually bring their own handbags for shopping. Some people even go shopping with a large travel bag. After filled with a lot of things, they carry the large shopping bag on their shoulders and walk home. This is a true environmental protection model. Some supermarkets even charge you a few cents extra for plastic bottled water. If you finish drinking, you can get an empty bottle in exchange for the bottle fee you paid. The supermarket uses this method to better ensure waste recycling.


In April 2007, San Francisco became the first city in the world to ban the use of plastic bags in supermarkets and pharmacies, and also the first city to legislate on this matter. The bill stipulates that supermarkets and pharmacies can only provide customers with paper bags, cloth bags, or biodegradable plastic bags made from corn by-products. San Francisco uses more than 180 million chemical plastic bags every year. If the city bans it, it is estimated that it can save approximately 1.7 million liters of crude oil and reduce approximately 1,400 tons of garbage each year.


12-1-non-woven reusable shopping bags


Beautiful Eco-friendly Bags Will Be Popular

The United States was hit by a heat wave, and the temperature rose to 50°C, so hot that eggs could be cooked. Argentina snowed for the first time in more than 80 years. The Antarctic icebergs are disappearing and the emperor penguins will be homeless. It is difficult to find a healthy and plump polar bear to shoot a Coke commercial. Everyone realized that the earth is really sick! Everyone tried to fix it. After the former U.S. Vice President Al Gore started filming "The Truth That I Don’t Want to Face", everyone seemed to know the truth thoroughly. There was music for environmental protection all over the world.


Starting from the London Fashion Week in February 2008, environmentally-friendly shopping bags made of cotton fabric have frequently appeared on the catwalks and the covers of various fashion magazines, and many entertainment and fashion stars have also used them.


At the autumn/winter fashion show of French designer Christian Lacroix, a naked woman ran to the stage with a slogan "I would rather be naked than wear animal fur", and took action to protest the use of animal fur for fashion. Environmental protection instantly became a trend invading the fashion industry. It seems that Hermès has also launched a reusable shopping bag made of silk and calfskin that can be folded into a wallet size, and another British designer Stella McCartney has also launched a foldable canvas shopping bag, but its high price prevents it wide use.


Promote environmental protection with a business model, and let environmental protection take a sustainable path.



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