Cosmetic Bag -- An Important Item for Storing Cosmetics

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Cosmetic bags are products that contain cosmetics, such as mascara, lip gloss powder, eyebrow pencil, sunscreen cream and oil absorbing paper.  The purpose of the make-up bag is to make up easily when going out. According to its function, it can be divided into multi-functional professional make-up bag, travel makeup bag and household cosmetic bag. According to the material, it can be divided into nylon cloth cosmetic bag, cotton cosmetic bag, plastic makeup bag and leather cosmetic bag.



Cosmetic bag industry refers to the general term of the organizational structure system of units or individuals engaged in the production and service of blank makeup bags. Deeply understanding the definition of cosmetic bag industry is very important to predict and guide the future of the folding makeup bag industry and guide the investment direction of the industry.


China's participants of drawstring toiletry bag industry chain are constantly enriched, and the industrial ecology is gradually robust. Different from other mesh makeup bags, industrial cosmetic bags pay more attention to how to bring value to the parent company due to their different customer positioning, that is, what kind of mechanism and organizational arrangement can be provided to help the parent company practice the open innovation strategy.

On the one hand, as a buffer between the entrepreneurial team and the internal organization of the company, the industrial cosmetic handbag can reduce the impact between each other. More importantly, it can introduce external technology resources, accelerate the commercialization process of technology, and reduce the innovation cost of enterprises. On the other hand, it can also provide external commercialization path for internal idle innovation achievements, so as to stimulate the "entrepreneurial spirit" within the company and share the innovation risk with external resources. Because of this, large enterprises play a decisive role in the development of industrial innovation cosmetic bag.


The development of China's cosmetic bag industry started earlier. At first, it mainly provided basic core services, which mostly depended on the development of universities and research institutes. In the past five years, due to the dual promotion of national policy and capital, the industry has experienced the policy enabling stage and capital enabling stage. In the policy enabling stage, on the basis of services and products, luxury makeup bag industry not only provides basic services, but also extends diversified services such as basic function expansion and quality optimization. 


Then the industry entered the capital enabling stage. During this period, due to the influx of capital, the drawstring toiletry bag mode of direct equity investment or other capital docking for enterprise capital demand gradually matured. At the present stage, through the rich industrial resources of enterprises, upstream and downstream enterprises have developed into the core exploration mode of industry development. 


Although China's cosmetic bag industry has gone through four stages of development, the overall industry is still in the initial stage of development from the perspective of the overall profitability, operational stability and brand influence of domestic cosmetic bags. Therefore, the construction of a stable and sustainable business model still needs to be explored.

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