Buying Guide and Tips in Choosing the Best Soft Cooler Bag

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Gone are the days when you have to bring spoiled food and cold drinks because of the warm temperature to go on a picnic or camp. With a soft cooler bag, everything you need to refrigerate will stay cold.


This is an essential item for campers who want to keep their drinks cool and need to store food to prevent spoilage. It is also useful for fishermen who need to provide cold storage space for newly caught fish. Due to its importance, soft cold storage bags are becoming more and more popular, and different manufacturers produce different models and designs. Each design can be conveniently placed in a backpack or empty beach bag. You can choose from many designs and you must be cautious when buying. It is important to find out which soft insulated cooler bag is best for you. This article mainly introduces buying guide and tips in choosing the best soft custom cooler bag for your business.



1. Determine the Size You Need

There are various sizes of insulation bags. The smaller ones are ideal for family trips or picnics. However, for your business, you must consider the size of the product. If you are selling quick-frozen pizzas, you need an insulated bag that can easily hold multiple boxes without wrinkling the sides. For pre-packaged meals, please measure the package size to determine the size that fits your product, especially when you offer different types of products.



2. Understand the Different Material Choices

In addition to size, you can now find various material options in the market. Usually, the inner wall of the promotional cooler bag is lined with a thin layer of soft foam and covered with a thick foil to enhance the insulation process. However, you can choose the outer material of the ice cooler bag more freely. Each material provides users with other benefits in terms of weight and cleanliness.


 73-3-insulated bag

3. Look for One with Sections or Dividers

Owning sections or dividers is another important aspect of thermal cooler bags. Providing delivery services to your buyers is a smart strategy. In order to maximize your profits, you may be considering sending all products at once to save fuel costs. Although the delivery service will make it more convenient for you to order goods from the enterprise, you must consider how many minutes it takes for the delivery person to pass through all addresses. Therefore, you must invest in a reliable radiator. In addition, sections or dividers are valuable for multiple deliveries. These ensure that the products do not touch each other. In addition, they can minimize leakage that can cause food contamination.



4. Check the Impermeability of the Bag

The outside of the bag must be sufficiently waterproof to prevent external factors such as dust or wind from entering the bag. Similarly, the condensed water of frozen products must not leak to the outside. You must also check that the zipper seals the bag properly to prevent cold air from infiltrating.



5. Look for BPA-free Guarantees

Since you are in the food industry, you should aim for a BPA-free refrigerator. This means that traces of industrial chemicals harmful to humans are at least zero. This does not necessarily mean that there is no plastic at all, but over time, the rupture of the container will not leak any harmful substances.

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