Benefits of Using Non-woven Shopping Bags

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For a long time, people rely on the use of pvc clear tote bags in their lives. The plastic shopping bag also brings great convenience to people, but we have to face the following problems. It takes hundreds of years for pvc waterproof bags to be biodegraded. As a result, plastic waste is accumulated all over the country and even all over the world. Finally, it causes marine pollution and biological death, which causes irreparable great harm to the environment.


According to our investigation, plastic shopping bags are the main source of white pollution. At present, these plastic products which are difficult to be degraded are mainly treated by landfill and incineration. However, the plastic bags treated by landfill will lead to the destruction of soil structure and the loss of fertilizer efficiency. The plastics treated by incineration will produce many harmful gases and pollute the air. In this case, non-woven shopping bags have been widely concerned.


22-2-good environmental protection bag

What is nonwoven bag?

Nonwoven carry bag is a new type of environmental protection product. It has the advantages of simple and beautiful shape, good toughness, strong durability and good air permeability, which can be recycled and reused repeatedly. It can be used not only for printing advertisements, but also for all companies and supermarkets as advertising propaganda and loading goods. Therefore, nonwoven bags are more and more popular in the market.


Nonwoven polypropylene bag is made of non-woven fabric, which can be used as an environmental protection material instead of plastic. Its characteristics are air permeability, moisture-proof, lightweight, flexible, non combustible, non-toxic, non irritant and recyclable. This material is the most suitable non polluting material to replace plastic. It can decompose naturally after being placed outdoors for 90 days. It is non-toxic, tasteless, and free of any residual substances when nonwoven fabric bag burns, which is one of the internationally recognized environmental protection products.



Advantages of nonwoven bag

Nonwoven tote bag has a higher advertising role. A nonwoven bag can not only be regarded as a commodity packaging bag, its higher value reflects other aspects. For example, if the packaging bag has a beautiful shape, it can be welcomed by consumers. It can also be used as a fashion product, such as a simple backpack. Considering its strong, waterproof and non-stick properties, consumers will be more willing to choose it. If a company chooses to print a company's logo or advertisement on the pp nonwoven bag, it can bring excellent advertising effect.


Nonwoven eco bag is a kind of bag sewn with non-woven fabric. Its environmental protection significance mainly lies in that it can be reused dozens to hundreds of times, that is, a non-woven environmental friendly bag can replace nearly 100 disposable plastic bags. Nonwoven bag recycling can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags, thus reducing the production of plastic waste. In addition, the waste non-woven fabric is easier to degrade than the plastic bag. The non-woven environmental friendly bag is not only tough and durable, but also can be folded into the pocket, which is convenient to carry

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