Basic Introduction of Polyester Bags

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The main raw material of the polyester shopping bag is polyester fiber, commonly known as "polyester". PET fiber is a kind of synthetic fiber made by polycondensation of organic dicarboxylic acid and diol, which belongs to high molecular compound. It was invented in 1941. And it is the largest variety of synthetic fibers at present.


In 1941, J.R. Winfield and j.t. Dixon of England first developed terylene polyester fiber from terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol in the laboratory. In 1953, Dacron was produced in the United States. Subsequently, polyester fiber developed rapidly in the world. In 1960, the world output of polyester fiber exceeded that of polyacrylonitrile fiber. In 1972, it surpassed polyamide fiber and became the first major variety of synthetic fiber.


The production process of polyester includes polyester melt synthesis and melt spinning. The raw materials of synthetic polyester are polyterephthalic acid and ethylene glycol, which are mainly obtained from petroleum cracking, coal and natural gas. Toluene, xylene and ethylene are obtained by pyrolysis of petroleum. Terephthalic acid or dimethyl terephthalate and ethylene glycol can be obtained by chemical processing.


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Advantages of polyester fabric

1. Shading, light transmission and ventilation. The fabric of the polyester nylon shopping bag can not only eliminate up to 86% of the solar radiation, but also keep the indoor air unobstructed. And we can see the outdoor scenery clearly.

2. Heat insulation. The fabric of the polyester mesh bag has better heat insulation performance than other fabrics, which can greatly reduce the utilization rate of indoor air conditioning.

3. UV protection. The fabric of the polyester produce bag blocks up to 95% UV light.

4. Fire prevention. The fabric of the polyester mesh tote bag with zipper has the flame retardant function that other fabrics do not have. The real polyester fabric will remain the internal skeleton glass fiber after burning, so it will not deform, while the ordinary fabric will not have any residue after burning.

5. Moistureproof function. This fabric will prevent bacteria from multiplying to prevent mildew.

6. Constant size. The material of the polyester mesh vegetable storage bag determines that it is not malleable and will not deform. This can maintain its flatness for a long time.



Disadvantages of polyester fiber

1. Poor hygroscopicity. The polyester mesh bag with handles made of this kind of fabric is easy to make people feel stuffy and hot. In addition, it is easy to carry static electricity and dust, affecting the beauty and comfort.

2. The fabric of the polyester custom mesh backpack has poor fusibility, which is easy to form holes in case of soot, sparks, etc. Therefore, in the use of polyester bags, we should try to avoid contact with cigarettes, sparks, etc.



Cleaning method of Polyester Bags

1. This polyester kitchwise produce bags can be washed with all kinds of washing powder and soap.

2. The washing temperature is below 45 ℃.

3. The polyester reusable plastic produce bagscan be machine washed, hand washed and dry cleaned. We should rub it gently and dry it in the shade.

4. It can be washed by brush and treated with high concentration caustic soda high quality softener.


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