Advantages and disadvantages of grow bags

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Whether wishing to grow nutritious fruits and vegetables or looking to add vibrant color through annual flowers, the pros to gardening in grow bags are undeniable. While it’s difficult to downplay the pros to gardening in grow bags, there are some cons of using grow bags that must be considered too. This paper mainly introduces the pros and cons of using grow bag for gardening.


What are pros of using grow bags

Can be used anywhere. Many gardeners begin using organic muslin bags, wishing to expand their home garden space. In fact, one of the biggest grow bag advantages is being able to grow plants in places which were previously considered inhospitable, such as in rented yards or even small apartment balconies.


Can be used in areas with poor soil conditions. Growers with heavy soils may specifically choose cotton veggie bags as a means by which they to grow more successful crops of root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. If the soil isnt quite up to par, using a non woven bag can fix that. Much like a raised bed or container, you can grow plants in a looser, healthier soil.


Easy use. Non woven polypropylene bags are assembled to make a viable and cost-effective option for many people, without having to remove grass or prepare beds with the use of tools. Even novice gardeners are able to create impressive vegetable gardens with annual flowering plants.


Bags are breathable. Additional pros to gardening in non woven fabric bags relate to factors that can directly impact the health of the plants grown. High quality non woven eco bag allow for excellent drainage, so issues related to over-watering are alleviated.


Plants produce healthier root growth. Improved overall root health is one of the main grow bag advantages. As the plant roots become established in the bag, their sensitivity to heat and moisture naturally begin the process of “air pruning.”Simply, this process allows the plant to create a more robust root system.


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What are downsides of using grow bag?

Durability. Non woven cloth bags do not last quite as long as hard-bodied containers. It seems that the general consensus is that fabric pots last 2-3 growing seasons, with some suggesting that they might last as long as 4-6 seasons. This, of course, will vary with the environmental conditions the bags are subjected to and the overall quality of the eco friendly non woven bags you purchase.


Cost. If grow bags do not last as long as other container options, you will want to ensure that they are more cost effective, as you will be replacing them more often. And the cost savings may not really compute for you. The non woven bag cost can vary depending on the growing capacity of the bag and the manufacturer.


Water consumption Non woven string bags require more watering than traditional pots do and this is one of the biggest grow bag gardening downsides if you don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands. Grow bags are porous, meaning excess water will wick out of them rather quickly. This is an advantage in that the risk of over-watering your plants is very slim; however, it is a con of using grow bags for they will dry out quickly and you will need to water more frequently.


Mobility. While grow bags seem to be touted for their mobility, this is not always the case. Grow bags are available in 1 to 200+ gallon size bags. Any bags over 20 gallons may be difficult to move once they are planted because they do not have sturdy walls or structural strength like traditional pots and, in some cases, have weak fabric handles prone to tearing.

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