6 Easy Tips to Effectively Clean Baby Bibs

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For new mothers who are about to or have set foot in the maternal and infant field, you need to keep making some attempts. One of them is to keep the baby bib free from contamination and very clean. However, it is ridiculous to find that you may not have the opportunity to learn how to do it. But you may be wondering: What is the best way to ensure effective cleaning of cloth baby bibs? Look no further. This article outlines the method and elaborates it in detail.



Baby Bib Care Label: Read it Carefully

If you are washing an organic baby bib for the first time, it is recommended that you carefully read the precautions or guidelines on the bib care label. An explanation of the maximum water temperature, any recommended cleaning agents, drying steps and other useful information can be found on the care label. This will help you clean baby bandana bibs effectively.



Wipe-off Prospective Stains Instantly

In case of vomiting or breast milk stains, wipe immediately. When they dry out, and removing them becomes a bit challenging. Therefore, it is recommended to treat it when it is fresh. Yes, when it is not completely fixed on the cotton baby bib, try to clean it quickly.



Pre-treat the Stain

Some stains cannot disappear quickly or easily. Some examples are ink, juice, spit, baby poop and edible fat. They need some preprocessing. All you need to do is spray some stain remover on the stain and then gently wipe it with an old toothbrush.


After that, let the stain remover fully soak into the fabric for about an hour. Wash after one hour to remove stains. If you wish, you can allow less than one hour, provided that the detergent is well absorbed.



Pick the Best Laundry Detergent

Baby-friendly detergents that do not contain fragrance, chlorine bleach, fabric softener, etc. are a good choice. Remember, your baby has very sensitive skin. Therefore, make sure to choose a detergent that will not cause irritation or rashes on your baby's skin. Liquid soap would be a good choice.



Drying: Utilize direct sunlight to dry the baby bibs

In case you cannot remove the stains, do not tip over the baby weaning bib. Instead, please dry them in direct sunlight. As we all know, bright sunlight helps effectively remove stains on baby fabrics.


Therefore, please make sure to hang the baby newborn bibs where it is directly exposed to strong sunlight. In this way, the stain will disappear or brighten. Eventually, the stain will be removed.


 91-1-baby bib

Avoid Washing Bibs in Hot Water

See, if you wash fabric baby bibs in hot water, the stains set permanently and bib shrinks. This is because the hotness of the water catalyzes the setting in of stain by cooking the proteins in them. So never wash your sublimation baby bib in hot water.


These six handy tips will help you clean the custom baby bib effectively. Therefore, please remember to follow the instructions on the baby care label, wipe off any potential stains immediately, preheat the stain or make it easy to remove, always choose the correct detergent, always dry under direct sunlight, and never wash the enclosure with hot water.

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