5 Ways to Publicize Your Business With Promotional Drawstring Bags

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Many people may argue that the era of smart advertising has entered, and promotional marketing has become a nonsense. However, online advertising and television have helped companies to deeply penetrate their brand reputation into the consciousness of customers, but there is another form of advertising, namely promotional products, labeled as corporate giveaways. This trend of companies giveaways appeared about 300 years ago, when marketers realized that the best way to maintain an intimate relationship with customers was to give them valuable promotional gifts.


Custom drawstring bags score over other giveaways in many ways such as by offering a large space for imprinting business information such as company’s logo, web address, and telephone number, which remains easily visible to the user and other passersby. This article mainly introduces ways to publicize your business with promotional drawstring bags.



1. Social Media Giveaways

Social media giveaways are all about increasing brand influence. Everyone knows that giveaways will increase your follower count. Building audiences on various social media channels is an excellent digital marketing goal.


Use the gift promotion to get the consent of the participants and add it to your mailing list. In this way, you can send them company news, product updates and special offers. Giveaways on social media can increase brand awareness, your brand’s familiarity in the target market increases.


Add eye-catching tags to promotions and encourage people to like, comment and share news about the giveaway. This is a way to increase engagement, generate potential customers and increase sales. If you have a new product to promote, a customized drawstring bag as a social media giveaway may form part of the product launch.


It is also a good feeling to add the recipients of all the giveaways to the raffle to get prizes containing certain products of your company and to make the promotion neat.


If your customers respond well to your environmentally friendly corporate image, please choose a environmentally friendly promotional drawstring bag as a gift, emphasizing that the gift is made of natural fibers. If the recipient is a sports fan, they may prefer a lightweight drawstring backpack. The key is to give customers what they want.


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2. Sponsored Events

By sponsoring local sports teams or community events, you will have many opportunities to distribute custom promotional drawstring bags to event participants or audiences for free.


Otherwise, please get permission from the venue to sell high quality promotional drawstring bags at a nominal price. Be sure to include a printed brochure about your business inside.



3. Trade Fairs and Expos

Your booth at a trade fair or expo is the ideal place for the sales team to distribute promotional drawstring bags to visitors who seem important. More exhibition exhibitors may visit your booth, and when your team conducts exhibition follow-up activities, these leads will be easier to convert into sales. You will need a lot of gifts for this plan.



4. Purchase Incentive

This is an oldie but a goodie. Provide a free drawstring bag with company logo to any customer who spends more than a certain amount in your online store. People like to get things for free, and this strategy helps build brand loyalty.



5. Sell Branded Drawstring Bags to Customers In-Store

This strategy is very effective for many companies ranging from agricultural machinery manufacturers to fashion houses. Your drawstring bag may become a collectible, depending on your market, it can be provided in different sizes or colors.


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