5 Surprising Reasons Babies Spit Up

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Babies are different from adults on many levels. They are more sensitive and require special care and treatment. Babies are particularly vulnerable because their body systems are not fully developed. Babies have a sensitive digestive system and can only digest milk within the first 3-6 months. This is why milk is the main baby food.


Most babies drink milk and vomit some. This may be shocking for new mothers. Let's look at the reasons why babies often spit up milk and how to prevent it.


Underdeveloped Digestive System

One of the main reasons babies vomit milk is because their digestive system is not fully developed. With age increasing, spitting disappears gradually. When feeding milk to a baby, the milk will flow from the throat to the esophagus and finally to the stomach. The esophagus and stomach are connected by a group of muscles called "esophageal sphincter."


They regulate the flow of food to the stomach. When food enters the stomach, they are closed to prevent it from flowing upward into the stomach. In infants, the esophageal sphincter is not fully developed. This is why milk usually flows back into the esophagus and comes out through the mouth in the form of vomiting.


This is one of the most common causes of infant vomiting and is completely normal for all infants. This condition usually disappears after 6 months of age.



Mothers and babysitters sometimes overfeed babies. The baby’s belly is very small and can only store a small amount of food at a time. Excess food will spit everywhere. Eating too fast can also lead to food reflux.


Allergic Reaction

Babies may be allergic to certain foods or medicines their mothers take. It enters the baby's system through breast milk. An allergic reaction can cause the baby to spit out milk.


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Gulping Air When Feeding

One of the most common causes of infant vomiting is due to hunger. When babies are hungry, they rush to drink milk. This allows some air to enter the stomach along with the milk. The air appeared in the form of ps, followed by some splashes.


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

This is a more serious cause of milk spit. GERD is a disease of the digestive tract. What happened was that the esophageal sphincter was not working properly. Some stomach acid, juice and milk flow back and cause spitting. If the vomited milk has a pungent smell, your baby may have GERD.


Some of the more obvious signs of GERD are:

-Abdominal pain and qi

-Gagging and wheezing

-Developmental delay due to frequent vomiting


Therefore, newborn babies have a need for baby bibs when they are eating from the breast or from the bottle. Some parents put them on, but others lay them on baby.


Infants should never sleep with fabric baby bibs on, as it can cause a choking or strangulation hazard when baby is asleep. Since so many newborns fall asleep after feedings, parents chance waking them to remove the cotton baby bib. This is why they never really put the custom baby bib on babies during early feedings.


As baby gets older, they may stay awake longer after they eat, making it much easier for parents to remove bandana baby bibs once they are done eating. Around the same time, baby may be starting on solid foods, which usually include rice and oatmeal cereal along with early fruits and vegetables.


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