5 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Baby Bib

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Babies are the cutest creatures, and our love for them never end. However, their cuteness and our love for them do not distract us, because babies have a high maintenance rate and require special care.


There are many baby care products that can help keep babies clean and healthy. If you are a first-time parent, you may wonder which of these products are actually required and which are only for display. Let us help you understand the importance of an important item (baby bib). At first glance, it may seem trivial, but in the long run, this handy item will save you a lot of trouble and time.


Wrap a small piece of absorbent soft cloth tied around the baby’s neck. Its main purpose is to absorb spitted milk, drooling and dribbling. The clothes underneath are kept protected, and the baby is kept clean and dry.


Babies have different needs at different stages of development. Some babies need baby newborn bibs from infancy, while others need to be around 6 months old when they begin the teething process. However, it is always prudent to put several different cloth baby bibs in your baby bag. Let's explore when and why your baby needs a cotton baby bib.



The Spitting Up Milk Phase

The baby can only grow up in the first four months. Some babies have poor reflux and will vomit undigested milk within a few minutes after eating. Babies under 3 months usually vomit the most milk, and the reason for vomiting milk is drinking too fast.


The organic baby bib can prevent the milk spit from getting dirty. Spitting up milk is not only inconvenient, but also unsanitary. The baby bandana bib provides you with the convenience of changing only a small piece of cloth, instead of changing the entire garment again and again.


 92-1-baby bib

Bottled Milk Leaks

Along with milk spit ups, sometimes bottled milk will leak and damage your baby's clothes. The baby bib set acts as a protective cover for bottled milk leakage.


The custom baby bib also provides a convenient function of washing only a piece of cloth instead of washing the whole piece of clothing. It saves energy and does not stimulate the baby.


Dribbling and Drooling

When babies from 3-4 months old start to eat solid food, their salivary glands are activated. The muscles that regulate saliva production develop in later stages. Therefore, too much saliva will drool with the dribble. Frequent drooling can cause the clothes underneath to become wet, untidy and smelly.


The eco baby bib will absorb all the saliva and keep the baby healthy and smiling.



Teething Drools

On average, babies start sprouting teeth after 6 months of age. Teeth grinding is a difficult process for babies and they often think about it. Due to the overproduction of salivary glands, drooling and dribbling can also increase during teething. The front of your child's clothing gets soaked again and again. The bib is here to rescue you.


Food Spit Outs

When babies start to eat solid foods, they sometimes vomit. Sometimes this is their way of expressing that they are full, and sometimes it is for entertainment.


Food vomiting can leave stains on your baby's clothes and make them look untidy. The wide bib can protect your baby's clothes and save you from the trouble of cleaning and changing.


We have established the necessity of bibs to make babies and parents feel comfortable and convenient. If you are looking for affordable and convenient bibs with unique and modern features, please contact us.

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