5 Practical Tips to Take Care of Baby Bibs

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The baby bib is practical, useful and necessary. They save the mother from the trouble of changing clothes again and again. They keep the baby dry and the clothes under him are stain-free. Even if most cotton baby bibs do not cost a lot of money, you often buy more baby newborn bibs than you want.


This is because baby bandana drool bibs are one of the most used accessories and need frequent cleaning. Therefore, you must discard them and often get a new set of organic baby bibs.


However, you can take some steps to maintain its quality. We will bring you some useful tricks that can extend the life of the custom baby bibs and protect them from damage.



1. Read the Bib’s Label and Instructions

Our first suggestion is to treat the baby bib set properly. Read the product's care label. It contains information about the material of the bib and how it should be washed. Manufacturers usually specify how to clean the bib, whether it should be machine-washed or hand-washed only.


Reading the instructions on the label carefully and implementing them is the first step in the right direction.


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2. Take Quick Action Against Stains

The bib and the stain go hand in hand. Stains are inevitable. However, you can take quick steps to minimize the damage caused by stains. If the sublimation baby bib is soiled, it is best to remove the stain as soon as possible. Depending on the material, some bibs need to be treated with cold water to remove stains. Some baby weaning bibs require a special stain spray to prevent permanent stains. After treating the bib on the spot, it can be further washed with baby detergent.



3. Air Dry Them

It is recommended not to air dry the baby vest bib and not to put it in a dryer. This has two benefits:

-The beautiful bib may be damaged due to the strong mechanical action of the dryer. Air drying is a milder method of drying bibs.

-Sunlight can be used as a fungicide. After air drying, the bib will be more hygienic.

Air drying is essential for bibs made of plastic and rubber materials, but it may also be useful for cotton bibs.



4. Be Mindful of Machine Settings

Hand washing is the preferred method of cleaning bibs because it is gentler than machine washing. However, rubber and plastic bibs can also be machine washed. Ensure that the water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. High temperature water will damage the plastic coating of the bib.

Instead of spin drying, rubber and plastic bibs are dried. Drum drying activates the waterproof plastic coating of the bib. The best temperature for drum drying is 180 degrees Celsius.



5. Anti-Bacterial Washing Soaps are a Big No-No

The antibacterial hand sanitizer contains irritating chemicals that can damage the delicate fabrics of baby bibs. The same goes for detergent chemicals. Antibacterial washing soaps are usually abrasive and may damage the water-repellent fabric of the bib.


Use specially formulated baby washing powder to clean baby bibs. These cleaners are easy to use on fabrics and will not strip off the water repellency of the bib.

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