5 Practical Tips to Reduce Spit Up in Babies

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If you are a first-time parent, you may be surprised how much milk your baby spit out. When a baby spit out some milk after feeding, it will spit out food. Usually, when they fight, they will spit out a small amount of milk. Spitting is common in babies up to 6 months old.


The term "happy spitting" is used to mean that children spit regularly without any pain or discomfort. Usually, it is phased out when the baby's first birthday arrives. Although it is impossible to avoid spitting completely, you can take certain measures to reduce the frequency of spitting. Next are some practical tips used by mothers to relieve infant reflux.



Burp After Every Feeding

When babies are hungry, they suck milk quickly. In this way, they will swallow some air. Swallowed gas can cause stomach upset. It is important that after feeding the baby, keep the baby in an upward position and let him lean on your shoulders. This action will help release the gas by hitting release.


If the baby is put on the bed immediately after feeding, the swallowed gas will eventually be emitted and some milk will be brought along. Ping upwards can reduce the chance of spitting. Babies swallow air when feeding milk through a bottle, but this can also happen to breast milk if the flow is large.



Feed More Often

It is recommended to feed the baby more frequently to reduce hunger. When a baby does not feed for a long time, he/she will try to feed quickly. In doing so, some of the air is also swallowed along with the milk. This causes the milk to spit out.


Do not increase the milk dose, just adjust the feeding schedule so that the baby is not hungry at any time of the day.


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Take Notes to Identify the Trigger

Monitor what causes your baby to spit. Record the diary and record the following parameters:

-What type of milk do you feed the baby? Breast or formula milk?

-The average amount of milk fed by the infant.

-The baby's holding position during feeding.

-There are signs of discomfort when feeding babies.


Monitoring these parameters will help you determine what causes the milk to spit. Once determined, it can be reduced. You can record these parameters in your diary or mobile phone.



Change the Milk Type

Babies may respond differently to breast milk and formula milk. If the amount of breast milk spit out is small, there may be problems with the formula. Please consult your pediatrician and switch to a lactose-free rice cereal formula that provides the required amount of nutrition.


If breast milk seems to cause more vomiting, then diet may be the culprit. Some women find that eating dairy products can cause gastrointestinal problems in their babies. Therefore, if you try to skip dairy products for a while, you may find that the situation improves.



No Playtime After Feeding Your Baby

Most mothers like to press and tickle the baby and play with the baby. Avoid pressing your baby's belly for at least half an hour after feeding. Let the baby lie down quietly after eating. Unnecessary physical activity can trigger digestive reflux and cause milk to spit out.


By following these practical tips, you will be able to reduce baby spitting. In the case of occasional spitting, the baby bib is mother's best friend. The custom baby bib prevents spitting from becoming larger and provides damage control in the field.


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