5 Popular Fabrics for Baby Bibs

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A great fabric used for baby bibs is a soft but durable absorbent fabric. It is also important that the fabric is easy to clean because the organic baby bib tends to become very dirty. Heavier fabrics such as cotton, terry cloth, flannel and double gauze are very suitable for waterproof baby bibs. Although they can be used for bibs, these fabrics can also be used for many other items, which really reduces waste, or can be used to make matching accessories. This article mainly introduces popular fabrics for custom baby bibs.



1. Embrace Double Gauze

Double gauze is a very popular fabric for baby products. Although it is a lightweight fabric, it is also as durable as cotton fabric. Double gauze can be used for many different projects. Wrapped blankets made of double-layer gauze are the most popular items. You can also sew bibs, clothing, bedding, etc.

-The fabric is very soft and made of 100% cotton

-This fabric is characterized by two layers of gauze sticking together

-Machine wash, hang to dry (use non-chlorine bleach if necessary)



2. Comfy Double Napped Flannel

Flannel is an excellent fabric for sewing baby products. It is soft, durable, and usually washes and wears very well, which is good news for baby products like sublimation baby bib that often mess up. In fact, the softer most flannel items are, the softer they will be when washed. Many parents will use flannel items for more than one child because they will last a long time. Flannel fabric has many cute patterns and is usually easy to sew.

-This fabric is lightweight, 100% cotton, brushed on both sides, and has nearly seventy different colors

-Flannel fabrics are widely used and can be used in many different projects, including p-cloth, blankets, etc.

-Machine wash, dry with low heat


 98-2-stylish baby bib

3. Terry Cloth Fabric

Terry cloth is an absorbent fabric, usually has good abrasion resistance, can be used a lot, is durable and easy to wash. If you need a more stylish baby bib, consider using terry cloth on one side, and then match it with durable cotton or printed flannel. Terry cloth can be used to make cloth baby bibs, clothing, accessories, towels, etc.

-This fabric weighs 9 ounces. 100% cotton

-Machine wash, low heat drying

-Width is 45 inches


4. Henry Glass Flannel Furr-Ever Friends

Flannel can be a great fabric and can be used to make many different kinds of baby bib sets and many other baby products. Flannel is an excellent choice for durability and longevity. It is also easy to wash, very soft, and has many interesting patterns and colors.

-Fabric brush on both sides

-The flannel is 100% cotton, light weight

-Machine wash, low heat drying



5. Kaufman Sevenberry Baby Basics Double Gauze

The double-layer gauze is very soft and is an ideal fabric for baby products. Although the fabric is lightweight, like many cotton fabrics, the double gauze is very durable. This double-layer gauze is called a double-layer gauze because it is made of two layers of woven yarn fused together. The drape of the fabric is very good, very suitable for making baby bandana bibs, clothing, bedding, etc.

-This fabric is extremely soft and lightweight, made of 100% cotton

-The width is 44 inches

-Machine cold wash, low heat drying

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