4 Ways To Keep Cool When It's Hot

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For many people, there is only one thing that prevents them from enjoying summer: sultry. But, frankly, there is no reason for the absurd heat to prevent you from enjoying the good time of the entire season. Even if you don't have a lot of cash to spend on the central air system, and no assistant to fan you with palm leaves, even in the wettest, warmest and worst summer, there are still many ways to keep you cool. This article mainly introduces ways to keep cool in summer.



1. Put Ceiling Fans to Work

A great way to stay cool this summer is by using what you already have— like your ceiling fans. But are you using them the right way?


“In summer, your fans should be spinning counterclockwise,” says Matthias Alleckna, an energy expert with EnergyRates.ca. “This forces hot air up toward the ceiling, making the room feel cooler.”


Ceiling fans don't actually cool the room, they circulate the air, giving the impression of colder temps. So make sure you turn off ceiling fans in any room you're not occupying, otherwise you’ll just be heating up your electricity bill.


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2. Stick to the Shade

If you really want to relax while out, please find a good tree to sit under. Because of transpiration, the shadows of trees are actually cooler than the shadows of buildings and other man-made objects. Trees maintain their temperature by circulating water inside and releasing water into the atmosphere to keep themselves and the surrounding air cool. On the other hand, buildings will absorb heat and radiate it back to the surrounding environment.



3. Eat Spicy Food

There is a reason why spicy food is so popular in places with hot climates. It turns out that eating something spicy is a great way to stay cool. Capsaicin, the substance in peppers that makes spicy food spicy, binds to the pain receptors in your mouth. In response, your brain interprets this as being hot, and makes you sweat, and the sweat on your skin subsequently cools you down. The brilliant part is that you can do all of this without actually raising your body temperature, making it a genius way to cool down when things get hot outside.



4. Eat Water-rich Foods

Dehydration is a quick way to overheat in summer, so be smart and dive as much as possible. Seasonal agricultural products such as watermelon, cantaloupe and cucumber contain a lot of water. In addition, they are easy to digest, do not need to be cooked, and taste better in season than at other times of the year. In other words, they are the perfect summer food. When you go out, you can prepare a cooler bag to store your water-rich foods. The insulated cooler bag can keep your food fresh and cool. When buying a thermal cooler bag, pay attention to choosing a branded cooler bag or an ice cooler bag with clear parameter information. If you are not sure what kind of ice bag is good, you can contact us for consultation.



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