3 Types of Baby Bibs and Their Usability

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The baby bib is an important accessory of conventional childcare products. They provide a protective layer for baby clothes. The waterproof baby bib is easy to clean and can be easily replaced. They provide convenience, protection and style, all three are in one.


The traditional baby bib is a small round absorbent cloth wrapped around the baby's neck. Traditional bibs have been developed, and now we have many different bibs of different shapes and sizes. Now, the baby bib set is used not only during meals, but also for other entertainment activities during games.


The custom baby bib provides creativity and messy freedom for babies. Let's take a look at the different types of eco baby bibs available in the market and their availability in different situations.



Bandana Bibs

The bandana bib is similar to the traditional headscarf, which is a triangular or square cloth. The traditional headscarf is tied around the neck as a fashion accessory. The bandana bib is also wrapped around the neck to prevent dribbling and spitting from wetting the child's clothes.


The bandana bib has the following advantages:

-They are stylish and chic. They can be worn on formal occasions because they look more like accessories than bibs.

-Bandana flower bib is tied around the neck, leaving little space for the liquid dribble, you can go over the bib material to reach the clothes.

-Tie them firmly around the neck. Babies find it difficult to remove them.


93-1-baby bib

Scoop Bibs

The scoop bib is a unique bib. They not only prevent liquid spit from damaging clothes, but also prevent solid spit from causing confusion. The scoop bib is made of waterproof plastic. They have a trough-shaped plate at the bottom of the bib, which can crush food.


Another variation of the scoop bib is the breadcrumb catcher. It is made of absorbent cloth and coated with a plastic coating instead of plastic. The removable silicone chip collector tray is attached to the bottom of the bib.


The advantages of scoop bibs are as follows:

-Ideal for self-feeding babies. Food scraps fall into the tray, so there is almost no possibility of messing up.

-Used for 2 in 1 purpose, that is to prevent liquid spillage and food crumbs.

-Compared with traditional cloth bibs, plastic shovel is easier to clean.


On the downside, the all-plastic scoop-shaped bib is not very comfortable and can only be worn during meals.



Dribble Bibs

Dribble bibs are lightweight. They are made of absorbent cloth and are ideal for newborn babies. They are more manageable than bandana bibs, especially for newborn babies.


The advantages of dribble bibs are as follows:

-These bibs have high coverage area so that no dribble finds its way to underneath clothes.

-Most bibs have velcro pads as a bib tying mechanism, which is secure enough for newborn babies.

-They are commonly available in multiple colors and designs for both genders.


Throwaway Bibs

Throwaway bibs are disposable. They are made of reinforced paper and can be discarded after single use. The waterproof material adheres to the back of the bib, while the front is made of absorbent material. Some disposable bibs have a tie, others have a bib strapping mechanism. Although these bibs cannot be used every day, they are very suitable for travel and vacation. When there are no other bibs available, disposable bibs can save the emergency situation.

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